Thursday, June 02, 2005

Blogaholics Anonymous

Hello, everyone. My name is Mike and I am (ahem) ...a... umm ...Blogaholic! I guess I'm a lot like the rest of you. I didn't want to admit that I was ...addicted, that I had a ...problem. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a writer. Now, I don't recall wanting to write the next great American novel, but I did dream of being a successful writer.
~ I always took pride in my vocabulary, constantly learning new words, using them in sentences and of course how to spell them. I was almost always the spelling champion at the schools' various annual Spelling Bees. Anything less than an "A" on a spelling test would devastate me.!
~ Speaking of tests, while my classmates prayed for true-or-false or multiple choice tests, I reveled in the essay questions. I was one of those who always used that extra sheet of paper to complete the answers.
~ There were a few times that writing essays gave me troubles. That was only when we were limited as to how many could be used. Perhaps to show off my writing prowess, I tended to be verbose. It was unfair, I felt for an essay or writing assignment to be limited to say one hundred-fifty words or less. To me it was like being hand cuffed!
~ Somewhere along the way, I recognized the connection of writing to journalism. It seemed to me that by entering the news business, it would surely open doors for a writing career. About the same time I picked up on the need of writers in the comic book industry. Did I happen to mention that I could also draw pretty good?
~ Not only did I fill a lot of my spare time writing when I could, but I also started drawing my own comics. I "borrowed" from DC Comics to create superheroes and their fantastic adventures. Of course, I found it easy to write the dialog for the conversation balloons
above their heads.
~ But you have to play the cards you are dealt in life. Alas, as such I never pursued a job at a newspaper. After graduation from high school, I found increasingly less opportunities to write. With less opportunities, my desire to write seemed to wane. Save for writing letters while I served my military obligations, I found less and less need to write. Barely three months out of the service, I was watching my future father-in-law walk his daughter down the aisle to where I stood. That was thirty-three years ago.
~ A little over a year ago, I became aware that people were writing material and publishing it on the internet. At that time my internet experience consisted of playing card and board games. For quite sometime, the computer displaced television as my source of entertainment.
~ Finally, on the 20th of January of this year, I worked up the nerve to check out this thing called "blogging." There has been no turning back since. In about four months I have posted an average of forty blogs a month. I prefer humor, mostly in the form of satire and parody, straying into serious territory on only a handful of postings.
~ Yes, I am addicted. In a way, I feel I am fulfilling those schoolboy days so long ago. I might be trying to be a little too prolific, but there are a lot of ideas I wish to address. For the time being, I don't foresee my production slowing down. Is that good or bad? I don't know. I don't know if it is a problem per say, but I always wanted to write. You know what? I am writing!
~ I am a blogaholic!

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