Thursday, June 09, 2005

Food Fight

No, this isn't what you are thinking. If you are hungrily preparing to read this article because you are expecting projectiles of food stuff, you will be disappointed. No fruits or vegetables were harmed during the composition of this blog. There will be no pies in the face. There will be no banana peel prat falls either.
~ This is about taste. It's about choice. It's about differences. If everyone liked the same kind of music, wore the same clothing, drove the same car, and had a palate for the same foods, you would have to agree that it would be an awful boring existence.
~ In a recent blog I made a faux pas, wherein I made an unfounded negative reference to a certain food item. As part and parcel of the same thought process, I made the same reference to a couple of other foods.
~ In that blog, but only as a footnote, I remarked that I resented junk e-mail being called spam, simply because I happened to like Spam. I went on to suggest that they could have called it liver or Brussels sprouts. Then I added tofu and crap as candidates also. It was there that I ended the blog.
~ I was taken to task by a fellow blogger, one who happened to like tofu. While I do qualify my postings that they are opinion and that they are written as satire, I found myself in agreement with my detractor. I suppose I could have stood pat. I could have just as easily treated that dressing-down as one of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. I could have declared it a stalemate!
~ I did see a flaw in my, as it turned out, misguided statement. There was a significant difference between those three food items, not to mention that other organic substance. I do not like liver and I simply detest Brussels sprouts! I can and will stand firm on those two because I have actually tasted them and found each to be unsavory. As for the tofu,I cannot honestly say that I like or don't like it. For you see, I have never even tasted the stuff.
~ I should also go on the record to state unequivocally, that I have not and never will taste crap! I will not allow myself to subjected to any debate about the culinary standing of the stuff. That it is beneficial to the dung beetle is of no interest to me.
~ In a nutshell, I found that I had no justifiable reason to suggest that tofu should be ranked with liver, Brussels sprouts, or crap for that matter. Not wanting to make a short story long, but then again I've already done that, I edited my blog and removed any mention of tofu from that footnote.
~ I suppose one more concession should be made. The title of this blog is in fact misleading, but I am not going to change it. It still works for me in the context of this and the original blog. I will not change it, even if someone threatens to beat the tofu out of me!
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schnoodlepooh said...

Very VERY cute. I am delighted to see you have such an open minded opinion of tofu. And being a lover of tofu (and a vegetarian!), I can tell you that there are so many versions and varieties of tofu (or soy bean curd, or soy protein, as it's also called) that you would be AMAZED. I swear that the veggie hot dogs taste EXACTLY like their pseudo-meat counterparts. Same for the texture. I'll write a post about the whole thing one of these days. Right now, I'm still on the hunt for my voice. I found a little bit of it under my pillow last night, and maybe the rest will be under my pillow tonight. quack....

schnoodlepooh said...

... and another thing, do you need to take the entire subject so darn seriously?? ;-) who gives a whoopty-doo whether you've eaten tofu or not and no one cares about your right to speak your mind and not offend anyone. people can disagree with you and so what? big deal. you can write what you write and if I want to argue with you (I LOVE to argue - it's fun!), then I'll do it. no need to edit your stuff, write a disclaimer, write another post, or otherwise lose sleep over it. just let tofu go and move on to other obnoxious meat products, such as liverworst - yukky ickky gross