Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fractured Etymology No.8

( The Pointmeister realized that he hasn't shared any words from his dictionary since April. Here are a few more gems from that tome. )
  1. Broker - what you will be if you invest unwisely in the stock market
  2. Coincide - the edge of a dime
  3. Compost - already written; past tense of compose
  4. Conspiracy - scamming Blackbeard out of his treasure
  5. Contour - when a new prisoner is shown around the facility
  6. Countermand - when wait-staff in a Deli is ready to work
  7. Dismay - as opposed to last May
  8. Feline - where you stand for hours to pay your auto registration
  9. Flagrant - a patriotic homeless person
  10. Hardware - a helmet
  11. Larceny - being a fan of The Far Side comic strip
  12. Marina - a female marine
  13. Oxymoron - that dude who sells Oxy cleaner on TV infomercials
  14. Past tense - go by a campsite
  15. Piston - much, much worse than pistoff
  16. Posture - a picture of one's backside
  17. Rectum - what happened to the two cars in the head-on collision
  18. Transparent - a mom or dad who is in and out of the house
  19. Upstart - the letter "U"
  20. Violence - more than one fiddle

( When you least expect it, the Pointmeister will share some more of special words wih you. )




ASouthernGirl said...

hi Hale,
Thanks for coming by and giving me your thoughts .I read several of your posts and really liked them.You're a good writer. I think that I will throw some of your words into conversations today and stand back and watch.Take care

Duke_of_Earle said...

Oh, my! My "Dictionary of the Moment" (DotM) will take note. I may need to put out a 3rd edition soon.

schnoodlepooh said...

THOSE ARE GREAT! I especially like Larceny. I'm a huge one. And Oxymoron - that guy drives me nuts. Can't he speak in a normal voice? He's always yelling!
Did you notice that I got you a couple of new readers???? You can thank me later, gater.....schmike!

schnoodlepooh said...

I have one more for you, maybe you've already heard it. It's homogeneous - a very smart gay person. hahahahahaha I just LOVE these things.

pointmeister said...

Thanks all. By the way you DID notice that this number 8! Yep, there are seven other lists of 20 words each in my "Fractured Etymology" series.There are 4 in Feb., 1 in Mar. and 2 in Apr. Must have forgotten about it during May.