Saturday, June 04, 2005

Over 1,000 Served

I'd like to think that there have been one thousand satisfied customers to visit this site. It would be nice to think that perhaps in some way they have been at least a little amused. I can't in any way say that this body of work is necessarily informative, it is probably more or less irrelevant.
~ At this time, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my little corner of the internet, especially those of you who have left the kind comments. As much as I enjoy posting them, I relish even more the knowledge that someone has enjoyed reading them. Who ever it was who said a pat on the back can be as rewarding as a raise, must have been already wealthy! I have my own philosophy on praise: Don't applaud, throw money! Seriously, it is rewarding to be acknowledged. Apropos is a well known phrase about the dietary habits of a million flies. So it is, that one thousand blog readers can't be wrong.
~ If my mission, my resolve has been to entertain, I think I have at least in a small way come close to that goal. A chuckle here and a giggle there, or at least a smile, are the results for which I have strived.
~ Of course by continuing to post good blogs, there will be, I feel, those who will come back again. (And again?) To those so foolish, or to those with good taste, I want to thank you personally. Thank you, Greg (Blue), you are a good man. Some who read this can check you out at : I would be remiss not to mention Peg (Schnoodlepooh). What can I say about you, but tres bien merci and mercy bowcups, mon ami.
~ She offered some good advice that I have taken to heart and to task. From one of her favorite movies, and one I like also, Field of Dreams, there is a well known line, "Build it and they will come." Hence, write it and they will read. If you love animals, you will enjoy visiting her at:
~ Besides the head count and the comments, I did receive the ultimate compliment two or three months ago. Catching up on my e-mail one evening, after the deletion of umpteen pieces of spam*, I was surprised to receive a copy of one of my own blogs in a e-mail from my sister. Noting that had been forwarded to twenty other addresses, it felt almost like a crowning achievement! (That blog by the way was "Cliche' College," blog number 12, posted in January.) I will point out that my sister had no idea that the article she thought funny enough to forward to dear brother, was one of my postings. You see, I had not yet informed her that I in fact even had a site!
~ For laughs one day, I went to Google and attempted a search using words in my titles and topics of the blogs. I was curious to see if anything would come up as a search result. Morbid stubbornness or self edification, I'm not sure which motivated me, but I persisted. It took a lot longer than I expected at first. You cannot imagine how many search results appear for "Vermont Teddy Bears!"
~ Finally by using only my blog persona, pointmeister, did I get a list of search results that wasn't onerous or seemingly infinite. I found two references, one a blog and another a submission of a brain teaser to a game site. (The brain teaser was rejected, by the way.) Those two were found within the first fifty of two hundred results that Google had found.
~ Well, that exercise humbled me. I was but a flea on the tip of the tail of Canis Major! There is the universe and there is the blogiverse, and both are unfathomably vast and far reaching.
~ Your, mine and our blogs are most likely discovered by random blog reading. It is the returning reader and their word of mouth references, or those who forward what they come across, that make blogging rewarding.
~ It's true. Build it...They will come.
* ( I happen to like Spam. I would like to take exception to unwanted junk e-mail to be given the name spam. Why not liver or Brussels Sprouts? Did they consider ...crap? ) *
~* ( Out of deference for Peg, I have graciously editted the last line by deleting "tofu" from the text. While I happen to like Spam, so it is she likes tofu. Point taken and the white flag is raised! Now, as for any lovers of liver and Brussels Sprouts - no way! I am drawing a line here. This is my blog - I don't like liver or Brussels Sprouts - and it is my stomach! )
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schnoodlepooh said...

Okay buster, now you've done it. I was going to congratulate you on turning 1,000 and point out my own modest achievement of 100. Then I was going to thank you for the kind mention in your blog. I do appreciate the plug and your words. And I actually like your blog too. BUT you had to make that last little comment about TOFU, didn't you?! I happen to like TOFU, Mr. Honey-Do-blog-brain! And in my opinion, most people who claim that tofu sucks have not tried it in 999 of its 1,000 various delectible and delicious forms. If you were 1,000 miles closer, I would attempt to educate you on the value of TOFU. But alas, you are on the right coast and I'm on the left coast and never (say never) the twain shall meet. You have forced me to write a post about TOFU though - not today, and probably not tomorrow, but I'm going to start mounting my defense and I'll show you. I might even take some photos of delicious TOFU and see if it makes your mouth water. I'll make you eat those words... I mean TOFU.
(just a little kidding, I hope you know) - peg BUT I MEAN IT ABOUT TOFU

schnoodlepooh said...

Wow. The power of words ... I mean TOFU. TOFU will make you a better person - and it has already. Thank you for your editorial retraction. TOFU does not need to have its reputation slimed anymore. We're trying to create a kinder and gentler TOFU. Someday, when the planet is too poluted and trashed out for spam to grow, TOFU will live on. .... okay .... that's it.... you're too funny Honey-DO