Friday, June 03, 2005

Sunshine Superman

Look! Out in the yard! It's a bird! It's a squirrel! No, it's Sunshine Superman! Yes, it's Sunshine Superman. A strange pedestrian from in the house after a month of rain. Faster than a speeding Dachshund; more powerful than a pull cord on a lawn mower; able to leap the bottom step to a porch. Able to pull weeds with one hand, straighten a kinked garden hose ... And who disguised in shorts and tee shirt, fights the battle against dungarees and jackets ... for vermouth and some ice and a nice summer day!
I've been in a sort of a daze the last two days. There has been present an eerie, otherworldly bright light up in the sky. So bright was it that objects were casting shadows. If that wasn't strange enough, there was detectable radiation in the form of heat. One can only hope that those rays are not harmful. It appears that even the local flora has been affected, seemingly overnight more alive, colorful and vibrant than they had been earlier in the week. Even the fauna seems to be less lethargic.
~ It was evident that I was not alone in my bewilderment, indeed others who had ventured outside were looking skyward in awe. Some were staring dumbfoundedly at unneeded umbrellas clutched in their hands. It was as if the dilemma of whether to carry the object or to leave it behind was as perplexing as the coat they were wearing. People like myself who had dressed down into shorts, tees, sandals and sunglasses, were subjected to wide-eyed stares from those clad in foul-weather gear.
~ I was keenly aware of their stares as I walked down the street. There was a spring in my step and a grin on my face. One of Donovan's songs playing inside my head easily trekked to my lips as a melodic whistle where I forgot the words, and gave way to voice on certain lines ... Superman or Green Lantern, ain't got nothing .. on me!
~ I started the day with the windows in my truck rolled down. Please, don't spread this around, we certainly don't want to cause panic, but I even had the air conditioner on! I had already drawn enough attention to myself without news of my scandalous use of the A/C! I probably did pique some curiosity in those who saw me drive by with the windows up. Soon enough normal warmth for the month of June will be accepted. But after weeks and weeks of rain and high temperatures in the 40's, this sudden spate of two consecutive days in the high 70's and low 80's has caught most people off guard.
~ I must confess hat I wasn't the only Sunshine Superman out and about, there were quite a few. There was also a significant number of Sunshine Wonder Women! I must say, that despite the efforts of the Supermen, I didn't see a single one get lassoed by a Wonder Woman's magic riata! I heard no stories that anyone had seen any of the women's Diana Prince alter egos changing into those tight outfits inside the Invisible Robot Plane.
~ We aren't exactly candidates for the Justice League of America, but we do revel in the emergence of a warm summer sun and a nearly cloudless sky. We all live for the sun ...!
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schnoodlepooh said...

Congratulations on your sunny day. As usual, in Seattle, the Rain Capital of The World, we have overcast skies, chance of rain, temps in low 60's. They say that summer doesn't start here until the 4th of July. Yeah, we get a couple of "teaser" days, but they don't last. Sometimes summer never starts. But my roses are blooming and my tomato plant has buds on it. Now if the tomato plant doesn't drown in the muddy soil, it will have really juicy tomatoes - if the they ripen if the sun comes out again. Enjoy!