Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Time Wounds All Heels

Chagrin is the operative word to describe today. They have a saying here in New England: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." Much to my chagrin, that saying took on a life of its own. Fresh (after a shower, of course) on the heels of two humid days of 90+ degrees, Mother Nature got a little cantankerous today.
~ Now it was forecast that there would be a change in the temperatures today, but it would occur after sunset. Since it was overcast the whole day, I'm not so sure the sun even rose. Despite the shrouded sky, it did approach the high 80s with no appreciable relief as to humidity. The Meteorologist, weatherman is so oxymoronic, standing in front of his map in his all-too neat three-piece suit, assured us there would be no change until the evening.
~ Well, his assurances and a dime left me seventy-five cents short for a cup of coffee. Like many people I was dressed for 90, not 47! Shorts and a tee-shirt, my friend, are inadequate for the most hearty of us when there is such a drastic drop in the mercury. Even though I was prepared in a sense, I had a pair of jeans, long-sleeve shirt and a wind-breaker in a bag in my truck, I was inside an apartment building when the summer turned to autumn.
~ The 43 degree drop happened in about a half hour. The wind-driven drizzle made the trip from an air-conditioned apartment to my truck an arduous one to say the least. It seemed strange, although necessary, to switch from a/c to heat while I was settling behind the wheel. The milk shake that I had been craving had by then become a distant memory. Visions more in the line of meat loaf or pot roast had taken over the lead in the lunch pool.
~ The Time Machine ~
Obviously, I survived the day, despite the weather, as evidenced by the entry of this posting. Okay. Okay! You got me! This was actually posted tomorrow, I just put today's date on it because by tomorrow I forgot to post it today. There is an advantage to this kind of posting. I now have from today until tomorrow to edit it, if I choose. By waiting until tomorrow, I am under no obligation to post anything today.
~ Now the idea for this posting actually occurred yesterday. You probably missed that posting, because I edited it the day after tomorrow into what you are reading the day before yesterday. Now, if you wish this to be clarified, kindly make a comment as of yesterday, and by tomorrow I will have gotten back to you, post haste by the way. That way you will have your answer today.
There was a young lady named Bright
Who could travel much faster than light.
She started one day
In a relative way,
And came back on the previous night.
( I like that Limerick, I should have authored it. By the way the title of this blog is also a quote by Jane Ace. )

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schnoodlepooh said...

There once was a weirdo named Schmike,
He thought a nice blog we might like,
He's ever so witty,
And his writing not gritty,
I'll tell him to NOT take a hike!