Monday, June 13, 2005

When The Lights Went Out

Actually, the lights didn't go out! It was Comcast! In the blinking of an eye I lost it! All, that is. I lost it all! It was with neither a whimper nor a roar. It was just a ... ' POOF!' ... There is an eerie silence on a battlefield after the last shot is fired. There is that horrible moment in a play when at your cue, you freeze and forget your line...the other actor is waiting to deliver his or her line ... the audience too is a part of a pregnant pause.
~ And then there is that instant between key-strokes, that for an inexplicable nano-second you realize you are lost in cyber space. You still have the site on your screen but something isn't right. Then you realize that someone is frying something in grease in the next room. Wait a minute! The next room is the living room! It was definitely Comcast! That frying was the static of your TV set without an in-coming cable signal. The phenomenon know as "white noise" had replaced the post game program.
~ Someone in another part of the house shouts "Hey! We lost the phone!" No doubt about it, it was Comcast! They were talking when ... ' Poof!' ... The phone was dead.
~ The cable was out! The phone was out! The internet was out! We were suddenly cut off from the world. We were isolated. Was it like this in a lifeboat when the Titanic slipped beneath the cold waters of the Atlantic? Was it like this for the Donner party, lost in Death Valley?
~ Obviously the situation was not quite that dire. Sure, we lost our life line to the outside world, but all was not lost. We did have electricity. We could see. Yes, we could see clearly that it was Comcast! Comcast doesn't do lights. But Comcast does do cable, telephone and internet!
~ I was in the middle of posting a comment to schnoodlepooh's latest posting. It was at the very moment that I had pressed "publish" that we were so rudely cut off from the world. We have been through this before, and as such were prepared to act out our "In-case-of-emergency-contingency-plan." Please don't try this at home and especially not without adult supervision. Step one: turn off computers; Step two: turn off TV's; and Step three: go to bed early. Hey, I know these are drastic measures, but why should we waste time idly doing nothing? If you are going to waste time, it should be productively like watching TV, and talking on the phone, and of course being on the computer! We are not savages! After all, it was Comcast!
~ As suddenly as the crisis had begun ...' Poof!' The TV sprung back to life! There was a dial tone! And the lights were all green on the modem. ' Poof!' The comment I had attempted to publish, published! Suddenly all was right with the world. (sigh) It was Comcast.


schnoodlepooh said...

Schmike. Cute one. Honey Do. You're just full of silly nicknames. But really, that losing Comcast was a close call. What a scary experience. I liked your solution though - go to bed early! That was a really cute story. Humorous all the way through and really well told. Schmike. - too funny - it just doesn't work with Schpeg, but what the heck! I'm Schnoodlepooh!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Hey, Mike! Good post. Thanks for visiting Romantic Ramblings. Hope to see you back again soon.

I tried your "song title" post and only scored in the 30s. And I thought I was pretty good at that stuff. Oh, well, there's always somebody better. Dang clever post.

Here in Texas it's Cox Communications, not Comcast. But I can still relate!


schnoodlepooh said...

Schmike! I just had to read your post again. it makes me chuckle. "we are not savages..." Darn right. too funny.
schnoodlepooh pegleg