Saturday, July 16, 2005


Recently I have strayed somewhat from my normal routine and the usual theme of my postings. For the most part this is due to the discovery of some old log books I had written nearly forty years ago. I started to revisit those years and as such, I have posted a few of those entries. While I found them interesting and rife with mixed emotions, they have sidetracked me from my purpose.
....Because of the distraction, it has interrupted my trains of thought and those untracked thoughts have become somewhat stagnant. I'm finding it easier to tap into that old poetry rather than come up with some fresh material. I had already been off the beaten path with the "Honey-Doings" series as it was. Then as recently as Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the matter of a new alternator for my truck not only detoured my thoughts, but managed to deplete the "funds available" account.
....I'm hoping over the last few weeks there weren't many interesting things happening that I may have missed and hence did not draw upon. I did take a joke I heard recently and expanded upon it to produce "Dogging It." Tonight, I did find a couple of new sites. The "Discomblogulated" above was a product of one of those sites. At and, you can choose from a wide range of fonts and styles "to make your site more interesting."

While I can see a use for the some neater fonts and sizes of some text, what I was really trying to figure out was to change the lettering of the name of my site, "It Occurred To Me." One I sampled is the one below right. But I like the glowing "radio-active" one better. But as is the norm for me, I couldn't figure out how to replace the title in the template with one of these.
....There was an html code to copy and paste and I did that, but the "It Occurred To Me" was "saved as picture" - and that I couldn't get onto the template. Perhaps someone who reads might know how to do it. Maybe if I fool around with it long enough without going into the Thing's "It's Clobberin' Time" tirade, I will eventually figure it out. And maybe not ....


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schnoodlepooh said...

I like the last font of "it occurred to me". I found a site where they will design a complete format for your blog (for a fee, of course). Look at Old Horse Tail Snake (link is on my site) and he has a link on his site, way down at the bottom of his sidebar. It's pretty cool. There are more links (at the blog design site) to other blogs that they designed, which at least makes for some good reading. I have no idea what the charge is, but for filty stinkin' rich folks like us, it should not matter anyway, right?