Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This Is Your Brain On Blog

Here's a few brain teasers for you to ponder:

(1) Where can anyone sit but you?

(2) Why would a cleaning person prefer to wash a mirror that a window of the same size, assuming they both are easily accessible?

(3) How can you throw a ball so it will reverse directions and return to you without the ball bouncing against or touching any solid object?

(4) Your bed and light switch are 15 feet apart. Without using any object or mechanical device -- no pole, no remote switch -- how can you turn of the light and get into bed before the room is dark?

(5) Rusty's cabin Montana is buried in snow, and the temperature is 25 below zero. Rusty's eyes move from the single match he has in his hand to a candle, an oil lamp and a fireplace with kindling -- all ready to be lit. Which does he light first?

(6) What common mechanized transports in New York City (120,000 of them) carry three times as many passengers daily as all the city's subways, trains, buses, cars and taxis combined?

(7) Why didn't William Howard Taft run for a third term as President?

(8) What is cowhide chiefly used for?

(9) Can you rearrange these letters into one long word: "doornonegwl?"

(10) If Betsy Ross were alive today, what would she be most noted for?

Can you provide the missing word/words to these well-known proverbs?

(1) ______________ nothing gained.

(2) ______________ breaks the camel's neck.

(3) ______________ run deep.

(4) ______________ a sinking ship.

(5) ______________ catches the worm.

(6) ______________ is in the eating.

(7) ______________ is money.

(8) ______________ die hard.

(9) ______________ serve two masters.

Just a thought: Committee -- A group of people who individually can do nothing, but as a group decide nothing can be done.



Alex said...

1. your lap
2. you can see the spots and dirt on a window better than on a mirror
3. Throw it in the air and let gravity do the work
5.Candle, it has the smallest wick and will light easier than the lamp and kindling
7.He didn't even run for a 2nd term
8. leather

That's all I got.

Gates Enoch said...

1. Your lap

2. I don't know

3. Throw it straight up

4. Turn the lights off and get into bed before its dark outside.

5. The match.

6.Elevators? Beats me.

7. He only won one term.

8. A cow's hide.

9. One long word.

10. Being the oldest person alive I would guess.

schnoodlepooh said...

Hey, that christmas tree guy is pretty good. let me try the 2nd group
1. nothing ventured
2. whatever
3. still waters
4. whatever
5. the early bird
6. the ice cream
7. time
8. cockroaches
9. a loyal dog can not

See, I told you i was terrible at this stuff.

mike said...

All in all good job everyone. I will post the answers in next posting.
Schnoodle - Like your answers - esp. 6 - 8 & 9.