Saturday, August 06, 2005

3000 Hit Club

Thanks Scnoodlepooh for noting that I was about to receive my 3000th hit. I noticed that I was closing in when the count was 2850, but didn't pay attention to it until your comment. Credit where credit is due, I always say. I do? Funny until just now, I don't know if I ever did say that. Where was I? Oh yes, I was about to dole out some credit, and well deserved, I might add, to you. Seeing as 1000 of those hits are from you, I couldn't have gotten to where I've gotten without your assistance. (Clever line that last one, eh?) Of the remaining 2000 hits, half were from Karyn , John, and Old Hoss . Another 500 were from Blue . That leaves 500. Now of those 500 hits, 350 are comprised of my buddies over at Yahoo Games in the Spelldown game. 10 more were visits from my family. What can I say? They don't know what's good. 100 of the visits were from random surfers. 39 of the remaining 40 were other bloggers returning my visit to their sites. That includes Susie who just recently got married. (Congratulations again!) She has posted many photos from her wedding, which was an informal outdoor ceremony. Oh by the way, she just happens to write a very nice blog. That leaves one visitor, heretofore not mentioned. I confess! I visited myself once to run the count up.

Seriously, thank all of very much. May the next 3000 visitors like what they find and keep coming back. One thing all of you linked above can take to the bank, is the fact I'll continue to read you.

Rumor has that at least one of you is starting to get a little antsy over my short story, The Quill and the Quire. It is a labor of love to say the least. As I am rewriting the story from memory I am moving along at a slow pace, but posting as I finish each chapter. I have to keep referring back to the previous posts to make sure I make no errors with the facts in subsequent installments. Just as John, the central male character is struggling for answers, those of you who are reading it maybe going through the same thing. Guess what? So am I. I'll clue you in on one fact, I have four alternate endings. I am not sure where I am going yet. But that is putting the carte before the a la.



BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
And 3000 is something to be proud of indeed.

Falling on misfortune is something I can certainly do without. I will check out your post that you indicated.

Be well.

Karen said...

hi Michael !
thanks for the visit.
how on earth did you find me in the endless space of blogland?

I dont have a counter on my site and I wish I could have been number 3001, but alas...I am late as usual !

I will read and catch up a bit on your site.

nice to meet you.


schnoodlepooh said...

Alternate endings? Now you're really torturing me.

As for your 3000 hits, I probably contributed at least 100 of those. I've been visiting here on a daily basis for a few months now, right?

Congrats! (i'm hot on your trail - with hits, I mean!)