Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jogging Around The Blog

Today was a little unusual for me as of late. There were no pressing matters, at least there were none that couldn't be ignored. I learned in the service to never volunteer. As such, I chose not to comment on the fact that the Honey-Do list was blank. The Honey-Do list was blank! I liked the sound of it. Since I couldn't supply the visual of me emulating Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business, I repeated those magical words instead.

So it was, with so much free time, that I sat down at the computer and started reading comments made to my site since the wee hours this morning. Next to writing blogs, I like to read them. Reading comments spawns reading blogs. Before I know it, I am clicking on the links found on each succeeding site. I call this jogging around the blog. Not only do I find some interesting blogs, but I often learn something from them.
Today, I have decided to impart some of that knowledge upon the readers. Now these are not so much facts, but interesting points about those bloggers.

For instance, I learned that Old Hoss is an expert on the subject of slug racing. He also informed me that dope is braided hemp. He had a very good blogging tip: that we should use big words because they take up more space. I hope I don't appear to be obsequious, but that is good advice.

Does every one know that John received some excellent writing tips.

According to Karyn most men cannot unsnap a bra.

Scnoodlepooh has a secret fantasy fetish to be a school teacher! She likes to give surprise quizzes. And guys, she has a weakness for Grande Coffee Frappacinos with Carmel Affogate.

Did you know that karen took her cat's valium? That's probably how she was able to make up all those lists.

Who doesn't make things up? She only writes true things. Why it's Candace of course!

Hamel wrote a great story about death. Honest! It's very well written.

Did you know that I am eating the largest banana split I have ever seen? Well, it used to be the largest.

You know, if I had kept on reading blogs, I wouldn't get much posting accomplished. Not to mention that my banana split would be melting. Ever wonder what to do when you have nothing to post? Go jogging around the blog!



schnoodlepooh said...

Excellent, EXCELLENT, WONDERFUL post today, Mike. It's SO TRUE. I sometimes link to links and explore other people's blogrolls and find a lot of interesting people and blogs out there. It's amazing! It's a huge spiderweb network of b**ggers, as Hoss would say!

OMFG!! said...

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dutchie said...

Man, and now i've got to read Schnoodlepooh's blog and qiu's blog too!