Monday, August 22, 2005

Fetching Shower

My wife awoke me Sunday morning because it was a big day.

...."After your coffee," she said, "You need to get out of those clothes, take a shower and get ready for Gretchen's shower."

As I was finishing my coffee I could hear the shower running. Dressed in my flip-flops and a grin, I went into the bathroom. I could see her through the semi-transparent shower curtain. I was thinking of just the two of us in the shower. Close to each other. Lathering each other.

It just so happens that for moments like that, man comes equipped with a handy built-in soap-on-a-rope holder. Fetching showers are fun! Under the shower spray we cheerfully go about fetching this, fetching that, or fetching one of those.

The conversation is light, sensual in nature and about he subject(s) at hand. "Why, yes. I am glad to see you. All of you. Why do you ask?" Hmm, talk about grabbing the bull by the horn! It's kind of hard to do your own thing without bumping into each others' things. But then again - who was being careful? I made a mental note to myself to remember to give the hostess a generous tip!

Suddenly the lathering and fetching came to an end! She protested, "No. No, not a fetching shower!" She was adamant and added, "We have to get ready for a wedding shower. Gretchen's shower!"

It was the antithesis of an epiphany. Not only were my spirits dashed, they came crashing down! The final blow - the soap-on-a-rope falling onto the floor. The holder was pointing to where it fell.

Sometimes we hear what we want to hear.



schnoodlepooh said...

You can go to your settings for comments and turn on word verification if you're getting tired of spam. I did it for my Paw Prints site. I don't know why the spam is getting so bad now. I think I need to take a cold shower! :-)

John said...

I hate it when that happens!
You are too funny!
Better luck next time.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Still, you should have poked her.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Remember...there's always NAP time!