Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tuxedo Juxtaposition

We went for a tuxedo fitting yesterday. Scott the groom, and I the father of the bride, went under the chalk this afternoon. It was a simple thing. We didn't even break into a sweat. There was more effort put into the ride to Mr. Tuxit2You. More time was spent waiting for the three groups ahead of us. I had never been fitted for a suit by a woman before. I might add that I had no problem with it either. I might also add that I have never been fitted by an 18-year-old girl either, until yesterday that is.

It was a tad discerning to have the girl kneeling before me to measure my inseam. Scott seemed to be a little thrown off balance by the whole thing too. His girl was wearing a lot of cleavage when she was standing, never mind kneeling. Nonetheless, there we were, side by side. In juxtaposition to the other, we were standing in front of kneeling females measuring us!

Now don't get me wrong, there were no improprities, imagined or otherwise. I was just wondering what it may have looked like from the main entrance. We were behind saloon doors which were about twenty-four inches from the floor. An observer probably would have been curious about the two sets of men's legs visible from the knees down, and the two kneeling females visible to their midriffs.

When they were finished with us, we went to the front desk to settle the debt we had just incurred. I paid half, $60, the balance to be paid upon pickup two days before the wedding. Scott, as the groom had only to pay $25 for the accessories the bride had chosen. As we were leaving, I just had to look back in the direction of those saloon doors. Sure enough, just as I had imagined when we were behind the doors, the scene was as comical and as suggestive as a viewer allowed it to be.

You know, it would have been no different had there been men taking those measurements. Male or female, the picture it conjured needed little imagination. It would be easy to taken as sexist, but it was something you just had to see with your own eyes to appreciate.



Hamel said...

During triathlons, they write your number on your leg. Without fail, some attractive female kneels before me, leans close and writes on my thigh. I look at her, look to my wife and say "I love doing triathlons."

Mike said...

That answers the question whether or not other situations could be similar to having an inseam measured, doesn't it?

Carolyn said...

That was hilarious!