Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cat As Cat Can

I recently posted a piece paying tribute to man's best
friend. (See Dog Blog For Blog Dog.) I do realize that there are plenty of cat lovers out there also. I happen to be one too.

So now it is our feline friends' turn in the spotlight.

Cats are killers! The kitten above takes this trait to another level. Remember, you don't own a cat, a cat owns you!

They are prolific hunters:


Woe be the daring rodent that ventures into a cat's territory.

.....Ever alert for the vermin that invade our houses:

......They are tireless:

......Stalkers of prey:

....They are clean:

Bill The Cat has some good advice for us: ---->


Some cats are quite pretty with sleek shapely lithe bodies. You can't help but want to stroke them:

OOPS! (How she get in here?)

As any cat owner knows, sometimes cats "disappear," not to be seen for hours on end. The average cat sleeps twenty-one hours a day. When they want to be bothered by us it is they who make the move. If you want to pat the cat you have to wait until it wants to be patted. Some cats are aloof and some like to be in the middle of things:


Yes, those soft cuddly creatures are mysterious, wild, and loving. Yet, they have the instincts of their wild larger cousins. You might say that cat lovers are "Catffeinated."



You think your cat is indifferent? Can't find the cat?

Just turn on the can opener!


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schnoodlepooh said...

I love the cat in the hammock. That should be ME!