Friday, September 09, 2005

Dog Blog for Blog Dog

Good Dog, Bad Dog!

I'm sure
Peg has wondered if Bailey and Baxter
have had this battle fought inside their heads. I know we have had our two dogs go through this. Dogs do have accidents from time to time!

Good dog!

Do we praise our pets? By the tone of our voices, our dogs know if they did something good or something bad. It is good to reinforce our pleasure upon them when they do good things. We also have to be a little firm when their actions don't merit praise.

I wonder if they are disappointed like our friend at the right? One thing is certain though, when we talk to them they sometimes seem to understand every word.

Perhaps we should pay them, give them an allowance?

They have their own way of repaying us! As a bad dog, and as a good dog.



Kat said...

One of the greatest rewards is when I watch my dog's stub of a tail (she's a Boxer) whipping back and forth in happiness. I think I must have done something great to reap such a reward.

Ol' Hoss's Dung Beetle Saddles said...

I never thought of that "good dog" line. Every dog has at one time or the other been a "good dog." I never heard anybody say "great dog" or "incredible dog." Not to the dog, anyway.

Karen said...

"Good dog" can be said with a lot of enthusiasm, and they would think they're a "great dog" then. The more excited and happy you are, the happier they will be. Fun post!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Really good post! Enjoyed it a lot.

schnoodlepooh said...

Awwww... sometimes I wonder if Baxter ever gets tired of me saying "good boy, good boy". I say it to him so much!