Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Lost Evening


The last thing I remembered was was watching the Red Sox game. They were winning 6-4 over the Angels. And the last I had heard was that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were beating the Yankees. If those scores held up, Boston would have a five game lead over the Bronx Bombers in the A.L. East.

That would be important because of a three-game matchup coming this weekend between the two rivals. In New England you can't be a Red Sox fan with watching the scoreboard to see what the Yankees are doing. Vice versa, the Yankees fans keep tabs on the Red Sox's games. This year that scoreboard watching is at a higher level because last year.

I must have dozed off I thought to myself. The time on the cable box was not focusing, the amber display was blurred. There was an infomercial on the screen with two midgets telling me how to get rich by sending them two payments of $29.95. If I had people sending me fifty-nine bucks, I could get rich too!

I tried to reconstruct the evening. I got home around 8:30. I was in the process of removing my shoes in favor of my more comfortable slippers. Looking down at my feet, it was readily apparent that the process was never completed. My right foot was bare, while the left still sported the day's wear.

By the time I had finished removing the other shoe and sock and put on my slippers, my eyes were working properly. 4:35!!
I'm no genius, but then i didn't have to be to figure out that it was 4:35 in the morning. Did I say I must have dozed off? Dozed off hell! I had crashed. I had fallen asleep upright in my chair, one shoe on and one shoe off.

It was other-worldly, I thought as I woofed down a bowl of cereal while I awaited the kettle's whisting announcement that its contents were boiling. A few minutes later I was seated in front of the PC. While i knew I would not be posting aat that time, I at leaast dropped by my site to read any comments that may have been deposited there. Lastly I clicked on the sports link on my Yahoo home page. Well at least the Red Sox won. The Yankees, however had come from behind to win their game. The Sox lead was still four games.

BY 5:30, I was once again in my chair, this time finishing my second cup of coffee. I dozed off again for about two hours. The second awakening however, was a refreshing one. There was no doubt my mind and body needed that unsolicited sleep. Where I had been reluctant to turn in early on previous nights, my body had taken that option away from me last night.

This evening I'm sure that I'll be tired when I get home. But there will no falling asleep in that chair tonight. I can hear Hank Williams, Jr. singing out, "Are you ready for some football?" I'll be glued to TV tonight. It is the official start to the NFL season as the New England Patriots play host to the Oakland Raiders. (Of course I'll be clicking the remote to see how the Red Sox are doing.)

Last night was a lost evening - not so tonight!


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