Sunday, September 11, 2005

Something's Danish In Finmark

To be a successful Fisherman a man must:
1) Be a true Sportsman
2) Be Smarter than the fish
3) Be a master of tall tales
4) Be Single
5) Be all of the above
The Happy Fisherman
Of course Master Fisherman have a special secret bait or magic lure known only to them.
One such man says he uses two poles; one for bait and the other for the fish. He claims he battles some fish for five minutes or more. Though he won't reveal what bait he uses, "They swim right up the bait and latch on. When I'm ready, I just reach in the water and pull them out," he added.
While his methods can be questioned, his results cannot. He never seems to fail to catch the limit. He can be seen carrying his booty with glazed eyes and a strange grin across his lips.
....They call him the Happy Fisherman.
Fish Jokes
The casual or novice fisherman on the other hand, have their own ideas as to what the fish will hitting. It goes without
saying that they are not as successful as the Happy Fisherman.
Have you ever wondered what the fish are thinking when we neophytes cast our lines into their waters? "Hey Joe. Is that really a plastic worm?" asks one fish to the other. "Do you suppose the worm is real and the hook is plastic?"
A Piece of Fish
Legend has it that there was once a horseman who had gone
fishing in a tidal pool. To his surprise he hooked a beautiful Mermaid.
...It could have been a beautiful relationship, were it not for the horseman's infidelity. The horse too liked to ride as well as being mounted.
The Mermaid, left home alone many a night found solace in the sea.
...As is usually the case, it was the children who suffered.
I guess it's true what they say: There's too many fish in the sea!

If you believe any of these tales, then my friend the fish is on the wrong end of the line!


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