Sunday, October 16, 2005

Beat of A Different Blog

The previous post, "Who'll Stop The Rain?" featured my activities on a lazy rain soaked Saturday. I visited several sights that I hadn't seen before. I have decided to provide a tour of those sites as Hoss once did from his blog roll. As the sites are new to me, some of you have probably been to them at one time or another. Indeed, some of your names appeared on their blog rolls.

I arrived at these sites by clicking on them in the comments section of other blogs. I then chose the next one from the comments on that blog, etc.

And away we go .........

I found a great list of pieces of advice at Long Iron, who identifies himself as a sarcastic man. His style and clever use of the language reminds me of Old Hoss.

From Long Iron's site, I clicked on a comment from Rachael from Wisconsin. At her site I read an interesting and entertaining piece about dealing with the telephone company over extra phone lines and the unauthorized use of her computer connection. The piece has a great title: "Back Off Goliath...I have Stones!" She is a funny gal and you can get a good idea about her by checking out the comment she left on my post "The Eyes Have It."

Jillian has a funny "Flip Off Friday" posting regarding those irritating chain e-mails that instruct you to forward them to your friends. It is about a "Flip-off" e-mail that you send to them. It is hilarious, but it is loaded with F-bombs. She also has a funny post on "Warning Labels," which are made even funnier by her added remarks.
....Under her photo she has a very funny take on life. I was in stitches and jealous that I didn't write it for my own blog. It goes as follows: " Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming >>> WOO HOO ... What a ride!!!!"

Though I hated to leave that site, I next clicked on Tish over in Knoxville, Tenn. Like John she works in Human Resources. I was interested in a partner site run by her brother, Jake which is dedicated to "potty humor," as suggested by the blog's title, The Daily Dump.

The next leg of the tour found me laughing, and if possible, almost disgusted at the same time. Mike or Michael has a short video entitled "Aerobics With Orca." Short, thankfully, is the operative word here. The video is on his 10/14 posting.

From there, I visited Rhiannon who had some nice poetry and pictures of angels. Anyone who likes angels just might be one themselves. I found it particularly interesting that she is from Medford, Oregon and does NOT include Hoss on her blog roll. Now I ask you, how'd that happen?

Down in Jacksonville, Florida, I visited Storm who has a great poem that she wrote: "The Perfect Silence." Like Old Hoss, I admire a pretty girl, and her picture reveals her to be a pretty redhead. Scroll down until you find her Name That Tune posting which has an interesting twist. Try not to lose your head answering them.

Including Suzie's site which ended the previous post with some CCR music, these eight sites are going to be added to my blog roll after this posting. You may wish to add some of them yourselves. Good writers have good sites, and when I find them, I want to return to them.

***(This is an edited addition to the tour. Somehow I managed to omit one of the sites I visited.)***

Somehow I managed to omit Monty on this account of my blog tour. Her site should not be considered any less entertaining than those above. Her site, The Daily Bitch, is written in a style that has you thinking she is talking in person to you. She says that she tries not to be funny and that it just comes out that way. I, for one, hopes she doesn't figure out how NOT to be funny. She has an interesting musical meme, the last post as you scroll down. You click on the "Here" link. At the site you then scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on a year, say the year you graduated. As a result you get a list of the top 100 songs for that year. Do drop in on Monty and say hello.

I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I did.



jj said...

Thanks for the visit and the mention on your site!!! Hope ya do not mid id I blog roll ya!!! Come by anytime ya want!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You are a busy (good) boy. I am short of time today, but will follow through tomorrow. I know I can trust you that these all will be worthwhile.

aka_monty said...

Thanks for coming by my place...I love it when someone new leaves a comment so that I can go admire their work. :)

Megan said...

Hey—come see me! I loves me some Monty, and I always like to meet new friends.

I am also kind of cute, too. ;)

Margaret said...

This is a wonderful idea; I want to do something like this. I do visit people who comment on others' sites, just not as much as I could. If only I didn't have to WORK at a real job...