Friday, October 07, 2005

Honey-Do Wedding Plans

When is a vacation not a vacation? When there is so much to do that you don't get a chance to relax. And horrors... You don't even get to sleep in!
....This is not my first working vacation, and I'm sure it won't be my last. The original purpose for the five days off, Oct.5
through Oct. 11, was to keep me free and available for wedding related needs. There are always last minute 'must-do's' for celebrations, especially weddings! When I began my vacation on Tuesday after work, there were only two scheduled things for me to be concerned about. Thursday, last night at the time of this posting, was the Rehearsal and Party afterward. Then sometime on Friday, I would have to drive up to "After Hours" to try on, pay the balance, and pick up the tuxedo to be worn by the Father of the Bride. Oh, I almost forgot, there was another thing required of me - to get to the Wedding on time!
....I purposely planned to take three days before the wedding for all the preparations and two after to unwind. On Monday I do have to return the tuxedo to avoid a $10 a day penalty. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?
....The countdown has been creeping closer and closer to my daughter's big day for several months. Now it is in full sprint to the finish line! Yesterday was Thursday the sixth, and the big day is Sunday the ninth. It's as if those three days are actually only three hours. The Clock Gods are calling them days for the sole purpose of putting me at ease. They are attempting to paint me a false sense of security, as if to shield me from the urgency of it all.
....So what's the problem, you ask?
....Blogger world, allow me to introduce you to Honey-Do! Some of you are already familiar with Honey-Do from an eleven part mini-series back in June and July. There was also a reprise in August and still another Honey-Do sighting September. Well, it seems that Honey-Do couldn't find a way to let those free days go to waste! Rather than see me idle, Honey-Do decided there was a project more worthy of my down time.
....For the record, the Rehearsal went ok. There was some confusion, in part because the Best Man didn't show up because he was working. Any debate about that will be hammered out between the him and the Groom. From there, we had reservations at a nice restaurant for all of us making up the Wedding Party. Murphy's Law says that if anything can go wrong it will. It did. Thanks to our Massachusetts tax dollars at work, the exit ramp from U.S. 1 to this eatery was closed. Supino's was so close and yet so far away. From the dutiful State Police Officer, who was making more in overtime for this detail than I did the previous week, we got directions for another way to get to Supino's parking lot and our waiting feast.
....His way required us to go South for four exits, and back onto the highway North for five more exits. By the way, we had a convoy of sorts, six separate vehicles in all, two of which were already separated from the group. Within 45 minutes, five of us had reached our destination safely, but growing hungrier by the minute. The sixth vehicle was in Topsfield, almost halfway back to their home in New Hampshire about 30 miles North of the restaurant. Thank God for cell phones. Finally after almost an hour and a half after we had set out on a 10 drive from the site of the Rehearsal to the restaurant, we were all safely on the parking lot. Needless to say, even hungrier than ever!
....Every thing was just wonderful. The food was excellent! The parents of the Groom had chosen an excellent place. Hats off to Bill and Mary. They couldn't have known about the highway construction, but once we were all settled and had begun to partake of the sustenance placed before us, that ordeal was forgotten. The Shrimp Primavera, Chicken Parmesan, Pasta and Broccoli, and Salad with Creamy Italian dressing were all delicious follow-ups to the Buffalo Wings and Stuffed Mushroom appetizers. Everyone in the Party all agreed that we would all return to that place someday.

....It was insanely easier to leave Supino's than it had been to get there in the first place. The only difficulty we had in leaving the place, was when we tried to push ourselves away from the tables and to actually stand up and walk out of there. So satiated were the lot of us, walking proved to be a chore.
Now that you have heard the end of the story, as Paul Harvey says...Now for the rest of the story.
....Paul Harvey keeps you in suspense for a commercial break. I'm going to keep you in suspense until the next posting. So far you've read of the original Honey-Do plans and the Rehearsal and the after-Rehearsal meal. You have read about about Thursday evening. Still to come is Wednesday, actual Honey-Do activity. Then there is Friday which features more of Honey-Doings. The chronicles of Friday's other high point will concern a certain matter of tuxedos and proper fittings. I know how you feel, the suspense is getting to me too!


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kenju said...

Reading this is something of a busman's holiday for me - seeing as how I deal with weddings nearly every day. I am looking forward to the next segment.