Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Rorschach Test

Today, I got lost looking for my sense of direction. For awhile it seemed that I did find my way, but then I lost it again. Even though I'm lost, I am making good time.

Just when I thought I had found something to write about, that too was lost. It wasn't my mind that went blank. It was Blogspot that was lost.
Framed with a bold faced outline a new window opened:

Down For Maintenance
Blogger is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.
This down time will last 2 hours from 5pm - 7pm (PST).

Since I have been experiencing some serious lag time when posting comments and trying to refresh pages, I thought that it was a capital idea. As the numbers were manageable to count by hand, I didn't have to remove a shoe to calculate that the down time in EST would run from 8pm - 10pm. It is reassuring to know that this analytical brain can still handle difficult mathematics.

While I was over at my favorite word game site, Spelldown over at Yahoo Games, those talented techs at Blogger were hard at work. Have you ever tried to clean up a keyboard after spilling a cup of coffee onto it? I always wondered how those techies clean a keyboard. It must be fascinating to watch them run those mini shop vacs over the keys. Some heads are probably going to roll when they clean up the mess in the servors. How in the world did egg salad and peanut butter get into them in the first place? (Who in the world eats egg salad with peanut butter anyway?)

I returned to Blogspot at about 10:20. I had decided to give them some extra time to gather the keyboards and servors from the clothes line out back. Alack and alas, the six paragraphs I had saved as a draft, had not been saved. The always reliable "Recover Post" feature, however wasn't reliable tonight. So there I was ... Lost again.

Fortunately, I have my own patented back-up system. You see, I always write out my potential posts on a legal pad. It was from that "back-up" file that I post to the screen. It was just not my day! In my haste to retrieve said file, I knocked over a full cup (less one sip) of coffee. So accurate am I in darts, billiards and horse shoes, that I proved just as adept at directing spilt coffee. The Rorschach sample before me was illegible.

(Sigh!) I suppose it is far better to have blogged than to have never blogged at all. Yup, I've lost it!



OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's really unfortunate, Mike, because in my dream (which was probably based on true, real facts) you had just written a Nobel-approved addendum to Special Relativity. By all accounts, it was plenty pithy. Maybe even stark.

schnoodlepooh said...

I tried to get onto Blogger for a very long time and was denied!

Jennifer said...

One of the reasons I left Blogger behind. While the games of chance might be fun at the Town Fair, they surely aren't as enjoyable when you're talking about something as critical as your daily post! I feel your pain. Honest.

Huw said...

I don't trust blogger any further than I can... um... throw it? Hence I *always* type into word.