Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pink Poodle vs. Miss McDonald

In her recent post Peg posted a picture of someone dressed up as a pink poodle. The topic of discussion was whether or not it would make a good costume.

I'm not sure if I have made reference to one Miss McDonald in any previous postings or not, but this is certainly one person who has costume issues.

Her site is devoted to ... Herself ! She dresses up as the McDonalds' icon and has someone take photos of her in different settings. The picture here is titled "A Walk in the Park."

Other shots show her hanging laundry, playing basketball, sitting on a bench next to a Ronald McDonald figure, etc. She has amassed herself quite a following. There comments totaling 150+ on one posting alone. Several more had in excess of 130 comments.

I suppose Scnoodlepooh could take her idea and run with it. Imagine the comments that a giant Pink Schnoodlepooh could attract. She could steal some of Miss Mickie Dee's visitors.

A family pic of Pinkie, Bailey and Baxter romping in the yard would surely become a classic.

And we must remember that Pinkie is a Schnoodlepooh, Baxter is a Poodle and Bailey is a Schnoodle!

Or is that Baxter is the Schnoodle and Bailey is the Poodle? No! Bailey is Pinkie and Schnoodlepooh is a Baxter! No, wait! I got it! Baxter is a Bailey, stay with me now, and Schnoodle is a Poodle, and that makes Pinkie a Peg! Now that we have that worked out, that means Miss McDonald is two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun! Yes? No?

I give up!


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schnoodlepooh said...

You crack me up! So do you think that if I wear the poodle costume and take photos of myself that I'll get 150 comments??? I'm going to do it!!!