Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Meet Blogger!

The cacophonous notes blaring from the trumpet are to announce a new friend to "It Occurred To Me."

I have adopted a puppy. His name is Blogger. Why not go see him. You can find him at the bottom of my side bar.

He'll play with you - he is an interactive little fellow. You can even feed him a doggie bone. Click on Blogger and he will bark and pant. His head follows the cursor. Click and drag a doggie treat and click on him to get him to jump up and take the treat.

I found him on a visit over at Jipzee's place. He adopted a fish he named Fiddy.

If you would like to adopt a pet of your own, click on the link below Blogger. You have the choice of several pets such as a kitten, a hedgehodge, a llama, and even a spider, etc. Just copy and save the HTML and add it to your site and you'll be the proud owner of a new pet for your own site.

The trumpet is also announcing that I have surpassed 8000 hits. A tip of the the hat and a "thak you very much" to all.


1 comment:

jipzeecab said...


"Bow wow,wow,wow
Whose dog art' thou?"

"I belong to Hale
I'm not for sale.."

"Feed me a bone
Or a chocolate-chip cone..!"