Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Misanthrope Spoken Here

In this day and age of modern contrivances, I find it curious, then again perhaps not, that no matter the changes, some things remain the same. Alas, it seems that I'm stuck at the corner of "Goes Around" and "Comes Around." Then again, it is the Monday morning commute.

Have you ever hastily written yourself a note, only to be unable to decipher your own handwriting the next day? I shudder to think how many doctors may have had that experience.

If for no other reason other than keeping in a spirit of one-upmanship, a well known Rap artist recorded a message for himself on one of those personal pocket sized recorders. You guessed it! When later played back the message, he couldn't understand his own jive! Hmm .... Maybe that explains why the words are different on many Rappers CDs from the words used at their live concerts. It is interesting to learn that they themselves cannot understand the lyrics of their own recordings.

I wonder, when they receive mail addressed to their homes, do they recognize their real names? Does "P. Tiddlywinks" forget that he is Samuel Johnson, and then write "unknown addressee" on his bills and subpoenas?

That brings us back to the Rapper who couldn't understand his own recorded message to himself, rather than trying to figure it out. He promptly erased the message. Two days later he is in jail for failing to show up in court to face drug trafficking charges. It turned out that the erased message, which he couldn't understand, was supposed to be a reminder of that court case.

I doubt that even Judge Judy would have bought this "lame" excuse. She would probably wonder if his excuse-writer was the sameone employed by Michael Jackson?

I don't rememeber the name of this particular Rap artist, although he was named on the News brief I saw on Fox News, but I had never heard of him. I haven't heard of half of the Rappers for that matter. Unfortunately I have heard some of their music. I realize some of these so-called artists actually have some talent, and as such I wonder why they don't use it.

I didn't intend to pontificate on the vitues of Rap music, but it is quite telling when they cannot even understand their own words. The proof is in the pudding.

There is a lesson to be learned here. The next time I leave myself a written message, I'll make it a point to make it legible.



OldHorsetailSnake said...

Samuel Johnson. You said johnson. Ho ho har de har har. Johnson, chortle, wheeze.

(Yah, that's crap, not rap.)

Tenderheart said...

I think the key word here is..drugs.
I like SOME rap, as long as I can understand what's being said.