Monday, November 28, 2005

Shameless Promotion Department

Please refer to the previous post, "Vote For Me," for the details.

How else can one promote oneself? How about printing your own newspaper? It works for me. I had to make up my own headlines and sub-headlines. I even gave myself a by-line. Since the AP or New York Times showed no interest, I even had to write the article myself!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Seriously though, I checked out the other two sites and it doesn't look good so far. There is a lot of support for the opposition , even at this early stage.

So as not to appear to be prostituting myself, I could grovel and beg, I suppose. Maybe I could barter? I seem to remember that Scnoodlepooh could use some Honey-Do work at her place. Perhaps someone needs their driveway shoveled during the up-coming winter? Need your house painted? Transmission rebuilt?

I must admit to calling upon the highest authority in attempt to gather some votes. I know he is busy this time of the year, but at least I won't be taxing his work force. My request will not affect his product output or deplete his resources in any way. To little Johnny on his lap "Ho-Ho! Yes, you can have an X-Box. Just tell your parents to vote for The Pointmeister."



Webmiztris said...

oh no, dude, you're going about this all wrong...DO NOT solicit votes...I've been checking out winners of blog contests (BOBs, etc.) for the past three years and the winners of blog contests are always the WORST blogs! I swear to you it's true!

jules said...

I WOULD vote for you, but apparently years of working with preschoolers has lowered my brain level to theirs. I can't figure out how I vote FOR you.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I nominated myself for one of these kinds of awards a few months ago, and then, after re-reading some of my posts, decided I couldn't vote for anybody, not even myself. What bunch of lame stuff...

Thoughts said...

I really, really, really, wanted to vote for you but you should have caught me before heading to work today to talk to all those lame people with computer issues and are to lame to even try to fix it themselves.

I had to hold the proverbial hand of a lady on the phone while she changed the cartridge in her printer

Can you say Duh?

Sorry, I tend to go straight to a rant after work. I have to save that for one of my other blogs.

Have a great week and good luck on the self promoted award!


Miss Cellania said...

Hey, they are taking votes the first five days of December. You vote by leaving a comment. So remind everyone to go vote starting Thursday.