Monday, November 21, 2005

'Tis A Better Place

Sometimes it is so much easier to know what to say than it is to find the words to say it.
I often think that there must be better words than those I can bring to mind to convey it.

I am sure that Webster has many words in his tome that would express it much better,
That have just the right sound, the right amount of syllables, and a perfect pentameter;

But it matters not what words I choose, for in the end it matters only how it is expressed,
That it is heartfelt in the most sincere words I know in a prayer to ask that you be blessed.

'Tis a better place beyond what we are able to see; and 'tis a better place where your loss
Will reside, yea to watch o'er you until the day it is written that you join your love, Hoss.

Hoss, I know I am only one among the many others who frequent your site. I feel safe in saying that they echo my sentiments, as I echo them. Our prayers will reflect our shared grief for you and yours.

-Mike Ashley
Nov. 11, 2005



Snake said...

Hello Mike -- Just saying hello from the neighborhood [Cambridge, a small town near Boston]. I see you listed "The Party" as one of your favorites. That's a hilarious movie, especially the first half, & it's one of the very few (apart from kiddie movies) that I own.

Thoughts said...

Wish the hell I could have said it as well......


Long Iron said...

Nice touch. It is always difficult to come up with just the right words when anybody is going thru personal loss and grief. I don't think anything could be added.