Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Turkey In The Blog

There once was a Turkey in a Nantucket bog,
Who sat with the farmer drinking some grog.
The axe, he was sure he could duck it,
So at the computer he typed "f**k it."
He lost his head before he'd posted his blog.

Now this Turkey resides on a heavenly roost,
And on a keyboard all his thoughts are loosed
On a Web Page about fear of the axe,
And those who perform those attacks.
No longer would his goosebumps feel goosed.

He published his blog to world-wide acclaim
And gave warning to those who would maim,
"Spare the game birds in fowldom."
His posts pleased and it wowed 'em;
Keeping his head was bringing untold fame.

There came a day the Pearly Gates opened wide
When someone familiar to him stepped inside,
And then a voice proclaimed aloud
There was a Holiday for that cloud.
Twas St. Peter, the farmer, and his axe in stride.

And so throughout the clouds there was heard
Of a big feast to honor a certain blogging bird.
Heaven would celebrate Thanksgiving
Such feasts weren't for only the living.
His last blog told of the day he was buttered.



jipzeecab said...

So if I have this right..the blogging turkey was eventually reunited with the soul of his drinking buddy the farmer who originally assisted in his earthly demise..and he never blogged thereafter in the hereafter..or something like that..?..

aka_monty said...

A fellow limerick-er... ;) I love the damn things. Whenever I send someone a birthday (anniversary, happy tuesday) card, I write them a little limerick...

I'm beginning to think we share a brain. Except you're hogging most of it. ;)