Friday, December 02, 2005

Apple Pie Blog

Rachel Ray is going to bake up some apple pies, while I will be busy trying to cook up some votes.

The voting officially began today, Dec.1. In the event that you have not read my blog in the past week, or have been hiding under a rock, "It Occurred To Me" has been nominated for Best Comedy Site for November.

You can cast your vote (for me) by leaving a comment by visiting the following site Once there, scroll down or the click on the nominations under Previous Posts. Choose "Best Comedic Post and Blogsite."

Then vote for "It Occurred To Me" for best comedy site. In the spirit of fair play, do read a post or two the competing blogs have posted. But once you've read the rest, come back to the Best and then cast your vote (for the Pointmeister) by leaving a comment. The other sites are off to a fast start, so I need the votes.

I have some free coupons for you as a show of my gratitude. Who knows maybe Rachel will let me pull a few strings and dish out some nice hot apple pie to you.

To quote those good old boys from the Bartles & James commercials a few years back, "Thank you for your support."

Oh yes, be sure to tell your friends and those on your blog rolls to visit Motherdear and cast their vote (for me) too.

A vote for The Pointmeister is a vote for the continued humor and original material that you have become accustomed to and of course, have enjoyed and loved.

I understand that they employ a very sophisticated ballot counting system over there at Motherdear. So I am sure the selection process will be on the up and up.


aka_monty said...

Will you be trading sex for votes? Because I'm in. ;)

If I haven't told you already, CONGRATS on the nomination!! I'm on my way to vote for you. Be nekkid when I get back, mmkay?

Motherdear said...

I assure you, dear, the voting is absolutely on the up-and-up. I may be old and slow, but I'm honest as the day is long. I forward the tally to anyone who questions it, and most people don't bother to vote anonymously, anyway. So you can always check in the comments!

As far as others having a head start on you, I can't count any votes received prior to December 1st, to you are starting on equal groung with other nominees, hon. Best of luck. I love your original work and hope you and your readers will be back to The Order for future nominations and votes, once this month's polling is done!!

Motherdear said...

That was supposed to be 'ground'. My brain often follows an 'n' with a 'g'...must be all those 'ing's I've typed over the past 104 years!!! "-D

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I voted for you in the comments. Is that the right way to do it? It is sort of confusing to old people.

jules said...

If you ARE trading sex for voes I'm definately in. Especially if Monty's involved. Interested in a three way?

kenju said...

You got my vote, but I'm not in the three-way, no way, no how. Unless...

Lisa said...

Tomorrow is burn the scarf day.

Unfortunately, it is also "wear a bulky sweater day." heh.

aka_monty said...

Oooh, a three way with Jules...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! ;)