Sunday, December 11, 2005

Drinks On The Souse

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to learn it from Oliver Stone movies. - Mallard Fillmore 12/9/05

I have always admired Denzel Washington as an actor. He has been in some excellent movies. However, there is one film that as far as I am concerned, tarnished an otherwise stellar resume.
....It had to be the money, otherwise what was he thinking to accept the role of Malcom X in another historically flawed Spike Lee film? I assume he read the script before he inked the contract.
....It bothered me that Washington might have bought into the history Stone was butchering. Leave us face it, Malcom X was no role model for anyone but angry militant blacks. He was the antithesis of the Rev. Martin Luther King.
....Mayhem never solved injustice. Hate never calmed hate. Malcom X never accomplished a fraction of the results King could claim.

Hear about the guy who got lost driving to the electronics store to buy a GPS system?

Recently a Boston landmark closed its doors for the final time. The Littlest Bar, crowded even when it wasn't busy, was essentially a hole in the wall located in downtown Boston. It epitomized the phrase "where everyone knows your name" decades before the TV show Cheers was aired.
....It had regular crowds who kept the seats warm in several shifts throughout the day. It was not the type place my gang liked to frequent. There was no music. They served only top shelf booze and carried no lite beers. If you wanted lite beer you had to order Coors or Miller. Why those two breweries make light beer is one of life's mysteries, as their regular beer was already lighter than most brands.
....A tip of the hat to The Littlest Bar - adieu. I've been thrown out of better bars!

The Candy Story

I guess this is a good time to ressurect a real old joke. I heard this when I was Junior High school in the early sixties. I am sure it is much, much older.

....This version is the first time I have seen it with images of the candy bars, but the effect is the same. It is slightly different than the one I remember.

....So here it is, The Candy Story for your sweet tooth and your sweet perverted minds.



Ivy the Goober said...

I would love to have a GPS, but I too would get lost trying to find the store. I suppose I could order one on the internet, but then I'd never be able to figure out how to use or install it.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I remember Malcolm XXX... Pure poison.

aka_monty said...

I thought you were keeping our relationship a SECRET??? Now you had to tell everyone about feeling my mounds and our love child Baby Ruth.