Monday, December 05, 2005

For Blogging Out Loud!

I had trouble opening up my blog tonight. I suppose I wasn't the only one. I couldn't even open any your sites from my blog roll. I was able to get to to the create/publish page, but I was hesitant to try to post anything. It is no fun typing out a blog, especially if it is a long one, and then have it disappear into cyber space somewhere.

The image here pretty much defines my attempts tonight.

So rather than twiddle my thumbs and look at my blog not upload completely. I went over to Yahoo Games and played a few rounds of my favorite word game, Spelldown.

Bored with that after an hour or so, I decided to go harvesting. You might call it "lifting pics" or "stealing pics," but I call it harvesting. The next pic I found by typing Air Bags on the search bar. The irony of it made it a keeper!

Seeing as this is a blog site, I do have to know a little (very little) HTML. I don't think I really need the tags to know where they begin and end. But there may be someone out there who does. So consider my posting of this pic as an act of public service.

When is it too young for a male to start getting curious about the fairer sex? Should he open about it, or should be sneaky until he gets caught? Then again, Tom Hank's brother, played by John Candy in the movie Splash, never did give up this practice.

I Dream of Jeannie - That's funny, this isn't quite how I remember her. Sure the outfit was sexy, but I can remember that for several seasons the network would not allow her navel to be shown. Aha! That's it! She always crossed her arms across her chest when she performed her magic. It was network cencorship, wasn't it?

Was I asleep in Sex Education Class? It seems to me we only had a book with drawings - not even photographs! Darn! Do you suppose this was the day I skipped class to go see Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs down at the Roxy Theater? I went wrong somewhere - Blue Grass and banjos instead of an education.

Speaking of sex education. Are we ever too young to learn? Take the case of a father teaching his young son how to do number one standing in front of a toilet. "Son, it's easy. I'll teach you the six easy steps. Number one, you unzip your pants. Two, you pull it out. Three, you pee. Four, you shake it dry. Five, put it back. And six, you zip your fly up." The boy nodded. Then father added, "Okay you can practice and I'll check on you later." About fifteen minutes later the father returns and hears his son counting. "Two, five - two,five - two-five..."

Finally, file this one under One Day In The Boys Room:

You know, this seems to explain those ankles and calves!

Lo and behold! While I was busy putting together this piece of crap posting my site meter just cracked the 10,000 Hits Barrier!

To each and every one who has stopped by my site, whether as a lurker, a hit-and-run blog surfer, or as a commenter -

Thank you, Thank you very much! (It must be true - 10,000 flies can't be wrong!

No. 453


Tenderheart said...

Imagine that!!! built in air Wow!

Congrats on your 10,000'th hit.

jules said...

Wow. 10k huh? Dontcha wish is was dollars????

gary j. introne said...

Hey Hal - Hello to you. Hope all is OK. Nice post, plenty of irreverent interest and interesting reverence too. I'd like to hear from you again.

Drop me a note. I like to correspond./
Gary Introne