Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hand Jive

Stringman, I have to hand it to you. I couldn't resist the challenge. I like to think I am pretty handy when it comes to writing a blog about a picture or some other graphic.

I must admit that your post about not knowing how to or what to write about the picture was in fact a good post. You approached the subject with no clear path, on the other hand, you have put the pressure on me to do just the opposite. You have forced my hand.

I bear the responsibility of writing on this topic with a theme at hand. An easy way out would be for me flip you off! I won't, however, stoop to giving anyone the fingers. Besides, I'm sure I can handle this hand-me-down topic.

I put on some music to set a meditative atmosphere to help me think. I have some of the lyrics in my head. Hands across the water, hands across the sea ... Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee ... I wanna hold your hand ... I'm the Handyman ...

Now if I had hands like that, I wonder what kind of a job I might be able to hold down. I probably could work for a certain insurance company ... You know the one ... The Good Hands People. At a health spa, I would be a very popular masseur - hands down! No one would be able to mix music like me in a recording studio.

Hands like these could have a definite impact on one's social life no doubt. When your previous date said "Your hands were all over me," you'll know why she won't go out with you again. You didn't have her eating out of your hand after all! Then again, imagine copping a feel with those hands! Talk about having one's hands full! A hot date just might like your international hands with the 'roamin' hands and rushin' fingers. Hmm ... You could down five shooters and a full sized drink at the same time! (Talk about hand to mouth.)

If someone were to ask for a show of hands, no one would miss you. Have you ever had an itch on your back where you couldn't reach? Of course you have. Not with these babies! ... Talk about scratching the surface. Wow! It occurred to me that I could play a mean saxophone! All of those fingers could really dance on the keyboard of an organ! (I am making a conscious effort to avoid the tulips and organ jokes, folks.) Positioning a banjo and a guitar just right, I could play Dueling Banjos all by myself. If I decided to dabble in sleight of hand, I would get a big hand for my prestidigitation.

Not wanting to bite the hand that feeds me, I think I will throw my hands up and wash my hands of this second hand subject. I think instead, I'll kill some time with some finger painting.

I guess you were right, Stringman. At first hand it appeared to be an easy topic. I have decided that I will step aside and hand over the keys to the picture to someone else. Maybe there just isn't anything to write about regarding that picture. That hand is un-bloggable!



Ivy the Goober said...

Good job! I'm tempted to count the hands in the picture and see if you mentioned the word "hand" for every one, but I'm feeling too lazy to do that.

jules said...

The Space Bar wishes to relay her HURT at your description of her measurements. If she were truly 12-12-12 she would be a cube or a square. She wants you to know she is a beautiful RECTANGLE.

(Sorry, Mikey...she gets a bit "testy" in the mornings.)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

What an interesting post!! (smiling) Wow...sounds like it would be more work for me.

Loved it!!

Happy New Year....hoping you are enjoying the first day of it. (smiling)

schnoodlepooh said...

You did it again! You just wrote a funny piece about nothing! Good job.

and happy new year.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I gotta hands it to you...

kenju said...

That sure is a lot of words about something you can't find anything to say about!

Marti said...

Aw phooey - Hoss stole my clever comment - LOL!

Thanks for the sidebar link! I will return the favor!

I have a really ugly right hand - comes from having a finger amputated and reattached - LOL)

StringMan said...

Mike, you have slapped this topic silly! Picture that hand singing "Stop ... in the Name of Love!" No Mas! (Bravo!)