Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolutionary War

...Another year over ...
And a new one just begun.

I hereby resolve to make no resolutions.

For about fifteen consecutive years I have managed to keep every New Years resolution I have ever made. How many of you can say that? Anybody?

I must confess, however, that I have made the same resolution fifteen years running. "I hereby resolve to make no resolutions." What can I say? It was a lock. I couldn't help but succeed.

In the spirit of fair play, I think I will at least explore a few resolutions that I could make, if I were so inclined. A caveat might be attached, of course.

Don't rush me, I'm thinking. Perfection, even near perfection isn't easy to improve upon. Eureka! There's one now!

* I will try to remember to not end a sentence with a preposition. (Due to the free style of blog writing, this resolution would be doomed to failure.)

* I will not steal ideas or graphics from other blogs or sites. (I will "borrow" and "harvest" these things.)

* I will not shirk any of my responsibilites in favor of blogging. (Excuse me,please. I have to take out the trash, brush the snow off my truck, let the dogs out, scrounge up something to eat, take dirty laundry downstairs and bring up the clean, put the cans and bottles in the recycle bin, take a shower, take down the Christmas tree, etc.)

* (This one is easy to keep:) ... to wish every one a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!



Carolyn said...

Happy New Year! You made a smart resolution about no resolutions. I wouldn't be able to keep the one about 'shirking' though. I even put off going to the bathroom if I'm blogging, hehe!

Tenderheart said...

Happy New Year, Michael!
I never make resolutions because I can never keep them. I don't think I've kept one YET!
All the best to you :)

Cheri said...

Happy New Year! I love to torture myself with the resolutions (which I rarily keep).

You are an expert at the images--my resolution is to learn from you!! Harvesting!? Feel free to harvest from me anytime!!