Tuesday, February 21, 2006

His and Hers

The male brain is a complicated organ. Although some synapses fail to fire from time to time, his brain can handle numerous tasks, all centered around procreation.

The products of those tasks can be readily seen in the devices he has constructed to make his jobs easier. Take as Exhibit A, the TV remote. Only a creature high on the evolutionary plane could have developed this marvel of technology. The special features are made for his specific needs.

Of course, sensitive to her wishes, the remote was adapted for the needs of the female of the species. Her device, like his, is also a wonder of ingenuity. Her remote too, is tailor-made to make her television viewing more pleasurable.

Her brain is also a marvelous and no less complicated organ. Her many abilities and skills surround an inbred need for commitment. Despite the significant differences in the composition and functions of the brains of men and women, they somehow overcome those. It is their obvious physical differences that draw them together.

He says: "Women. You can't live with them. You can't live without them.

She says: "Men. Behind every successful one is a woman!

He says: "Wanna fool around?" (A very convincing romantic line.)

She says: "Did you take out the trash, fix that leak under the sink, repair that loose step, and did you remember to bring home a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk?" (A common amorous reply.)

He says: "Yes." (He has removed all his clothing.)

She says: "Okay. But after the figure skating competition!"

He says: "I thought you said that Dick Button gives you a headache?"

She says: "Yes, he does."

He says: "I'll be right back." (He has put his clothes back on.)

She says: "Where are you going? I thought you wanted to fool around."

He says: "I do. But first I'm heading over to Torino to shoot Dick Button."



Msway said...

LOL,... Wheres my remote?

schnoodlepooh said...

Oh I just love it when you talk about honey-do things!

The Lady Muck said...

A wonder of scientific inquiry... I need those remotes... gimme. Hello by the way ;)

FnQueen said...

Can you just imagine the remote control battles that would insue, if men and women actually had them? LOL
I think we could turn that into an olympic sport! :D

Marti said...

Those are great! Thanks for sharing!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

After checking out the size of the male's "listening particle," it is easy to comprehend why so few honey-do's ever get done.

Cheri said...

Nice and so true!! Have you been hanging out at my blog too long??