Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Bird in the Bush is Worthless

The President has taken the bull by the horn! In an effort to thwart the spread of bird flu, President Bush has ordered the bombing of the Canary Islands!

Our President has White House advisors from whom he seeks advice. However, when he's out for a Sunday drive with Mrs. Bush:

Is it any wonder he has no clue in which direction this country is headed?

Whatever you do, especially on Karaoke Night, never give this man a microphone!

The preferred
drink of the
White House

The Pointmeister says:
(Actually, Kris Kristoferson wrote it and the great Janis Joplin sung it!)
It's my favorite quote.

One more quote: Good night, everyone!



Winston said...

I found you through aka_monty. Good stuff you've got going here, especially the bush-whacking. I just blogrolled you so I can get back here regularly.

blue said...

LOL point, I figure if i can't get comments on my posts from other people, I'd just put them up myself. LOL, and The pic was from when I was tearing out my kitchen cabinets,...Flash was inspecting my work to make sure it was up to code.