Sunday, May 14, 2006

Raining on Mom's Parade

ANTSY I see that the animals have begun walking past two by two. The Preston River, formerly Preston Street, has risen above its sidewalk banks.
....It's looking more and more like Mother's Day is going to a wet one. I might be getting antsy being cooped up in the house, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't post something in the way of a tribute to all the Mom's out there.
....Happy Mother's Day!!!
How about a kiss?

What tribute to mothers would be complete without a nod to the Mother of all Mothers? What do you suppose would have made Eve's Mothers Day complete? Ahem ... Then again, maybe we shouldn't even go there!

Songs For Mothers Day
What would be some good songs for Mothers Day for Moms whose children were:
Arsonist - "You Light Up My Life" (Debbie Boone) or "Light My Fire" (Doors)
Nero - "Fire" (Crazy World of Arthur Brown)
Tom Dooley - "Dang Me" (Roger Miller)
Martha Stewart - "Jailhouse Rock" (Elvis Presley)
Anna Nicole Smith - "Hey, Big Spender" - (?)
Jack Kerouac - "King of the Road" (Roger Miller)
Mrs. O'Leary - "The Night Chicago Died" (Paper Lace)
Lizzy Borden - "I Go To Pieces" (Peter & Gordon)
Anne Frank - "The Diary" (BeeGees)
Noah - "Who'll Stop The Rain" (CCR)
Eleanor Roosevelt - "Stand By Your Man" (Tammy Wynette)

Betsy Ross - "Silver Threads and Golden Needles (the Springfields)
Benjamin Franklin - "She Can't Find Her Keys" - (Paul Peterson)
Betty Davis - "These Eyes" (Guess Who)
Marcel Marceau - "Silence Is Golden" (Four Seasons)

Now, to be serious, here are some personal thoughts for all those mothers who are no longer with us.

Where You Are

Did you feel sad at separation?
Did you have to travel very far
To reach that final destination
Where you are?
Are you allowed chances to view
Through the door you left ajar?
If only you could give me a clue
Where you are.
I pray that I've made you proud
As I look above from star to star,
For you to speak to me out loud
Where you are.
Tell me it's a much better place,
And you no longer need to spar
With dying pains upon your face
Where you are.
Will you be there to welcome me
When death deals my life its scar?
Could we share our life's memory
Where you are?

-Mike Ashley 5/14/06



poopie said...

Aww..that's very nice!

schnoodlepooh said...

Nice, but kind of sad, poem.

Sudiegirl said...

Let's see:

Your poem was very sweet.

I'd like to contribute a few more pop songs for mothers -

"Mother's Little Helper" - for the mother of Martha Stewart

You could also use "Stand By Your Man" for Jackie Kennedy or Hillary Clinton (mothers of JFK Jr., Caroline and Chelsea)

"Crazy" - for MY mother (because I made her that way).

I hope you had a good holiday too and found things to do in spite of the rain.

Miss ya - come back to Rancho Sudiegirl, Shane!


Kelly said...

Very thought provoking poem, Mr.Mckay~~Not sad to me, just surprising that you venture those thoughts. ;) BTW, I'm thinking you've made your mom quite proud~~ as long as she can't read some of your posts 'up there' ;)
You're a sweetheart~~ when you wanna be. :)

blue said...

nice post, point. hope this comment finds you high and dry, looks like flooding in your neck of the woods. i have the boat standing by if need be...

Liz said...

Nothing says happy mother's day like a naked lady. hahaha

Maybe I got that confussed with father's day.

Peter said...

A good poem Mike.

TMelendez said...

Wow MA!!
Thank You!!
Im printing this and posting it in my office!