Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Horse Tails of the West

Horse's Ass!* That was tonight's catch phrase.
(Honestly, this is one filly I wouldn't mind having in my stable!)

I have been West-Coasted - again! Have you ever had that happen to you? If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, you most definitely have been. Not familiar with the term? That's not surprising, seeing that I just made it up!
....Picture, if you will, a dreaded visit to a Proctologist. Do I need to describe in detail or leave it subliminal, the subsequent probe? No doubt you'd be ready to slug Doctor Proctor at the first hint of any references to Star Trek!
....Get the picture? That was a good analogy of being West-Coasted. In other words, I feel like I've had it shoved where the sun refuses to shine.
....Trust me, "West-Coasted" is not a derogatory attack against anyone living on the West Coast. I know a lot of people out there. Indeed, a lot you readers and fellow bloggers hail from the Pacific side of the country. It will be clarified below, I promise.

Today was one of those rare days that found me home early for a change. I was able to have supper with the family, a pleasure I have missed since my hours and work load were increased. After supper and a cup of Joe to wash it down, I was looking forward to Blogging at a decent hour. Also, the earlier start would afford me the opportunity to catch up on reading my ever-growing Blogroll friends.
....Then it happened! Blogger was down for maintenance. The maintenance was being conducted from 4pm to 5:30 pm, PDT. Horse's Ass!! That was 7 to 8:30, EDT. 8:30 is the start of my normal PBT (Prime Blogging Time). So instead of starting early at 5:30 my time, I have to wait three hours. I cannot post. I cannot make comments. I can at least read everyone's blogs. So tonight, for the most part, I'll be a lurker.
....This is no problem for those in the Pacific. They are commuting home from work. They aren't even home yet! When they get home, eat supper, and decide to Blog, the maintenance is completed. They get no interruption at all.
....There you have it. That is what I mean by being West-Coasted. It is simply life - ruled by geography. (Of course, there is the other phenomenon suffered by those out there - they are sometimes East-Coasted!
....As you can now see, my rambling is just the result of time differential, and no reflection against anyone who lives on the West Coast of the USA.

*Horse's Ass!
Can it be I have accidentally discovered the origin of Hoss' screen name with that picture of that filly above? As age is subjective and irrelevant, "Old" will be ignored. As this is a family oriented Blog, I will leave "Snake" to your collective imaginations. That leaves us with "Horsetail." Just what has Hoss got stashed away in that stable of his? I must admit that horse tail above is inspirational. You old snake, Hoss!

Seriously, if you don't know him, Hoss is a great guy and helluva Blogga! If you haven't read him (I can't imagine there is anyone who hasn't) - click on the link up there and check him out. By the way, he lives near the aforementioned West Coast.



Ben O. said...

Strange stuff to be sure.

Ben O.

Zambo said...

Hey There!

I haven't been too active in Blogsville lately...

You have a lot of great stuff here! I'm going to have to backtrack when I have more time...(I don't know when that'll be though).

Keep up the great work!

Your Pal,


I don't mind being "West-Coasted" when it comes to getting to watch programs later when there's an overlap in the TV schedule...Thank goodness for satellite TV!

Raggedy said...

Hoss rocks my world I am a daily visitor there.
I love the picture....
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

phoenix said...

I have been by your blog on several occasions, and I have to admit you make me giggle everytime I come by. Keep up the great giggle makers!

Fred said...

Nothing like an interesting picture to get my attention!

Cheri said...

I too was West Coasted!! Honestly, I thought you had been the doctor for, well, a special kind of check up at first...aahh..you know...the horses ass!! xoxo

M.E Ellis said...

Though the lady in the pic is beautiful, that picture gave me the creeps.

Imagine seeing one of those walking round the bloody fields. Too strange and very weird.


Christina said...

I agree with M.E - there is something weirdly creepy and disturbing about that picture. I also have read Hoss' blog and enjoyed it. Thanks for reminding me to add him to my blogroll!

aka_monty said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday when BLOGGER WAS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE....


Okay, that's all I wanted to say.
Except for Ima try to record a podcast tonight, with Song #3.

We'll see how that works out. ;)

Karen said...

blogger does like to whore it up quite often! :-)

Peter said...

Imagine the fun of trying to work out what time it is for my friends all over the States from Ozz.