Sunday, October 08, 2006

Laura Microsoft Womb Tomb Raider

In a post not long ago, Karla asked for help from her readers for ideas for a Halloween costume she could wear this year. I thought I could suggest Laura Croft to her.
....After thinking about it, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea. Her Laura would most assuredly be a sexy one, and as such there will be plenty of men wanting to raid her womb tomb.

Of course, I am making an assumption that she wants a costume that exudes sexiness. So that will probably rule out standing on a fan grating dressed as Betty Boop.
....I am remiss in that I don't know if she is going to a party for adults, or if she is simply going to dress up to give out candy to the trick or treaters that come to her door.

....My next suggestion is for Jules. It's an updated version of the Bride of Frankenstein. It would not be appropriate for the kiddies, but she would draw more than a few glances in the company of adults. Chances are she could garner a few date requests because only the mask would be fake.

Of course, I would don a costume of some kind (the doctor) if she were giving out candy at her door in this outfit. I'm afraid however, that I'd be saying trick or trick! (Of course I'm kidding, Jules. I'd be at the back door. Wouldn't want the neighbors to get the wrong idea!)

Now what costume would I suggest for that other sexy Okie, Monty ? From the melodious voice I've heard on her radio show, I say she shoud be decked out in something that looks cuddly and huggable. She would be svelte and demure.
....I'm partial to leather, so for me it would be a no-brainer to come up with anything other than a cat woman.
If a person shows up at your door trick or treating dressed like a fish and wearing Eau De Tuna cologne - guess who?

I think I'll cease with the Halloween costume ideas now! If I'm not in trouble already with Karla, Jules and Monty, I'm sure to anger someone one who takes the suggestions too seriously.

Good luck to any and all who will be dressing up for Halloween. I hope you find a costume befitting you. Don't listen to me, I'm lucky if I can dress myself for work everyday.

For the record, I have my costume already picked out. I'm going to wear nothing but a smile and pair of roller skates. I'm going to be a pull toy!



Peter said...

When I read your very humorous posts Mike I'm surprised that you don't attract more readers, then you do one like this and I understand perfectly!! (LOL)

Miss said...

I was going to ask you to suggest something for me, but I'm afraid. Maybe I'll just dress normally and wear my Groucho glasses.

Miss Cellania (blogger beta won't use my whole name or photo)

Karla said...

Yes, I'm definitely going to a party for Halloween, although the idea of dressing up in a slut-suit just to stay at home and hand out candy made me laugh. It would be a good way to shock the accompanying mommies of the trick-or-treaters, ensuring me that the little wretches wouldn't be demanding candy from me again next year. I like it!

jules said...

Yes, I fully agree. Last year I every time the kids asked me what I was going to be for Halloween, I said "A grumpy old lady....and I'm going to give out rocks instead of candy." That's exactly what I did too. This year, I will be fortunate to be GONE BY HALLOWEEN! (so the bare boobs are a definite maybe!)

Lori said...

ROFLMAO.....A pull toy....I bet you're going to be a PULL TOY

Have a great day!!!

aka_monty said...

If only my boobs looked that good in real life. ;)

You can be my cat toy, Mikey. Rub some catnip on, and get over here. xoxoxoxo

Cinderella said...

I think they are great suggestions..maybe Wonder woman, milk maid or Marilyn Monroe would work too...