Monday, January 08, 2007

Perchance To Dream (3)

( This is the third installment of a story which begins here.)

Chapter 3: Mind Rape

They stepped out of the elevator onto the 17th floor. Rhonda stood motionless staring at the cell phone she was holding. Then she heard Mae Lee's voice a step behind her, "What the hell? That's the second time today," she exclaimed.
....Rhonda turned to her and saw that her friend seemed to be in as much of a quandary as she.
....Mae Lee averted her attention from her cell phone to the one in Rhonda's hand. She asked, "You too?"
....They had come to the same conclusion. As crazy as it seemed, random but yet identical events had been afflicting both of them. Coincidences just didn't happen in bunches and certainly not to two different people at virtually the same time. Their shared consternation had to be discussed and analyzed.
....Once inside the room, the women began to pace about. First, one would stop in mid stride and ask a question of the other. The other would then do the same.
....Rhonda began to cite the incidents they had in common, counting them off on her fingers. "First, we both have found ourselves holding our cell phones - twice, and having no recollection of using them." She looked in Mae Lee's direction, noting that she was nodding in agreement. She touched a second finger and continued, "Secondly, both of us had strong feelings that we were being watched. And third, both of us had orgasms in crowded public places."
....Mae Lee said, "Don't forget the tiger."
...."Excuse me," Rhonda pondered, "Well yes, we both were somewhat interested in the tiger on that poster. Although, I doubt there is any connection."
...."True, I'm sure there isn't," Mae Lee affirmed. The expression on her face however, suggested she wasn't totally convinced.
....For several minutes both grew silent. Rhonda noticed that Mae Lee was looking around the room with a worried look on her face. She found herself glancing about also.
....Rhonda whispered, "Are you thinking that we are being watched right now?"

In a less opulent room elsewhere in the hotel, he sat before the inactive screen contemplating the flashing cursor. He arched an eyebrow as an unseen fist rapped three times upon the door. He glanced at his watch and rose from the chair. His visitor was right on time.
...."Come in, Mr. ..ah.. Smith," he said as he reached out to shake the extended hand of his guest. He didn't fail to catch sight of the briefcase at his side.
....Smith strode past him into the room. He stopped before the desk and eyed the simple laptop sitting there. "This is your merchandise? I was expecting something more .." he paused as if carefully measuring his choice of word.
...."Sophisticated?" He offered.
...."Yes. Sophisticated," Smith acknowledged. "You did promise a more convincing demonstration this time, did you not?"
....He motioned the man to one of the chairs facing the desk. "So I did. So shall you be convinced."
....He picked up one of a pair of what appeared to be hearing aids and positioned it into his ear and watched as Smith copied his actions. He explained to the man that the objects were wireless receptors linked directly to the software. Because of a post-hypnotic command sent to the minds of the targeted individuals via his cell phone to their cell phones, a sub-program would then kick in. At that point there was a direct link mind-to-mind.
....He explained that he himself didn't fully understand the human brain, but he felt comfortable in surmising that the neurons and synapses were of an electrical nature. Somehow those electric processes could be manipulated electronically. The computer before them acted like a transmitter and receiver. Once the system was activated they would be able to "experience" what the targets were experiencing.
....He concluded his dissertation saying, "Mr. Smith, in your mind you are going to see, hear, feel and even taste any sensation they think they are experiencing."
...."As we speak, my girls are primed and ready, Mr. Smith. All I have left to do is to press that "enter" key to give them the signal. And voila! My friend, you will be practicing mind rape." He smiled and said, "Say, why don't I give you the honors?"
....A sly smirk manifested itself on Smith's face. He reached for the keyboard and without hesitation depressed the designated key.

Changing clothes in one room and her friend in the other, Mae Lee stiffened. For no apparent reason she felt herself becoming aroused. She dropped the clean panties she was about to don to the floor. She didn't know why, but suddenly she felt so horny. She turned and move toward the door to the other room.
....Rhonda stood tense for a moment. She maneuvered her hand beneath the front of her panties and touched herself. She glanced at the closed door and thought of her friend behind it. She pushed the panties down her long legs and stepped out of them. She hadn't felt this horny in a long time.
....They smiled lustily at each other as Mae Lee thrust the door open. They both ran their tongues across their lips in wanton passion as they marveled at the sight of the other's naked body.
....Rhonda wanted no part of foreplay at that moment. She reached down and grabbed the fully aroused manhood even as his hands landed upon her breasts.
....Mae Lee melted into the strong arms. His erect member was pulsing against her stomach. She wanted him. She needed it.

Smith removed the earpiece and glared at the man. "What the hell? I see two lezzies going at it. What are you trying to pull here?"
....The man stood and laughed. "That was a little surprise I planned for you."
...."Surprise? Look, I've seen hundreds of broads making it before. What's so special about those two?" Smith was visibly angry.
...."Mr. Smith, in your business .. you prefer Adult Entertaiment and not porn, correct, sir?" Smith seemed willing to listen so he went on, "The broads you so lovingly mention are actresses. It's their jobs to get it on before a camera."
...."I know my business, pal."
....He held up an open hand in front of Smith, "You see, those two women think the other is a man. That was part of the command I sent to their minds. Those two are not acting! They both actually believe they are seeing, touching and about to screw their idea of the perfect man.
....You and I weren't "seeing" what they think they are seeing, that is, what they were told to see."
....Smith sat back down and after thinking a moment said, "This thing would work on men too? You could make a dude think another dude is a broad?"
....When the man nodded he returned the earpiece to his ear. "I gotta see more of this thing in action." As he made himself more comfortable he looked over his shoulder and said, "You got yourself a deal." He opened the briefcase and displayed the neatly packed twenties. "Here's the million bucks we agreed upon."
....Unnoticed the man had pressed another key while Smith had been ranting. Right on cue Smith's cellphone rang. When he raised the phone to his ear, the other man moved away from the desk.
....He was unfazed as the gun fired point-blank into Smith's brain. He took satisfaction in the fact that he had moved far enough across the room to avoid any of the splattered blood and gray matter that had spewed from the man's head.
....He looked down upon Smith's slumped body. "Dumbass! You stupid bastard, I would have thought you'd have known the difference between a gun and a phone." He broke into a hearty laugh.
....After wiping off everything in the room that he might have touched, he wasted no time in gathering all of the equipment and the briefcase. He opened the door and closed it behind him. He had to make him self scarce for the time being.

To be continued ...Chapter 4



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Hmmmm...this is getting verrrrry interesting! Can't wait for tomorrow's chapter.

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What a perfectly nasty way to interrupt an arousal response--Mistaking a phone for a gun.

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