Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Deserve A Break Today

While spokes clown Ronald McDonald was otherwise preoccupied, there was a disturbance inside that gastric gourmet restaurant beneath those golden arches.

It seems a male patron felt his burger was too greasy and caused enough of a disturbance that the police were called in.

This story got me to thinking. There is actually a McDonalds that serves greasy burgers? Every burger I've ever had from Mickey Dee's tasted like sun dried cardboard. I gotta find this location. A burger's supposed to be greasy!! ...And to that dumb-ass lady with the cup between her knees when she went too fast over the speed bump - coffee is supposed to be hot!!

Yes, we all deserve a break today, but don't you go breaking my Easter eggs ! I have decided to get a head start on the Easter holiday this year. As you can see, I have already begun decorating some eggs.

Won't there be some surprised little kiddies, not to mention their parents, when I stash some of these around the fairgrounds for the annual Easter Egg Hunt?

Would you like to decorate some Easter eggs like these? Not too artistic? You don't have to be, let a generator do it for you. All you have to do is supply an image or your favorite picture. Check it out here !

Time is growing short for another day of celebration - St. Patrick's Day. I don't usually do these quiz things, but these do fit the up-coming occasion. Click on the links for your own.

Leprechaun Name

Your Leprechaun Name is
Cabbage Lips O'Leary
Get Your Leprechaun Name at Quizopolis.com

Luck o' the Irish QuizCongratulations, according to our experts, you have :

75% of the luck o' the Irish

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March TriviaMarch Trivia

You scored 8 out of 10

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Jack K. said...

I usually don't take those quizzes either, but....

go to my site for silly nonsense.

giggle. snorx

jules said...

Cabbage Lips? Um....I'm not a big vegetable eater. Unless you change your name to cucumber dick or something like that! :)

Serena Joy said...

My Leprechaun name is Five Finger Discount O'Farrell. And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go lift something and see if it'll help to get that image of Ronald McDonald out of my head. You crack me up.:)

Raggedy said...

Botox O'Brannigan has 75% of the luck o' the Irish.
I made an egg too!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

YaY! someone finally wrote about personal responsibility instead of siding with irresponsible people who see dollar signs for their own mistakes.
I love the way you decorated the eggs.
The women are sexy, are they like those pens when you turn them upside down all the clothes come off?

I've never understood where the Easter bunny gets these eggs anyway. Rabbits drop pellets not eggs..geeeeeesh!

Carolyn said...

I have 63% of the luck 'o the Irish, or, as we say in WV, "Arsh".

The Ronald McDonald pic sure gives meaning to hold the pickle!

Nankin said...

Yeah, and Micky Dee's made me fat, dontcha know?