Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not the "C" Word !

It's not something one wants to hear, especially when it applies to oneself. It's something that happens to other people - not to you. Why me? I've been so careful. I've tried to avoid excess. I have always advocated moderation.

It's an epidemic, I tell you! It's spreading unchecked as you are reading this. Soon it will, if it hasn't already, reached pandemic proportions. There is no known cure! Any treatment, I understand, is nearly as painful as the affliction itself.

I must stay focused and face it without trepidation. I choose not to seek a second opinion. I know in my heart of hearts that the diagnosis is correct. On the cellular level, the facts speak for themselves.

I need to find myself a "thinking place," an asylum where I can seek an inner peace. I need to be untethered from the daily grind. For now, talking about it, or writing about it, seemingly has no therapeutic value.

(To be continued ...) with this post.



Peter said...

They are hateful little buggers Mike, and should be banned from society.

jules said...

Whew...you had me worried until I read your previous post. I thought you were talking about condoms! Don't mess with my gnp!