Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saving For a Rainy Day

(note: This blog contains material that may be offensive to some adults.)

The torrents in Florence...

The Deluge in Beirut...

The drip in Islip...

The Wat-oor in Ulan Bator...

The rain falla in Walla Walla...

How "Lerner and Lowe" can you go?

So far so good. I've looked outside several times today. Thankfully to my relief there was no parade of animals walking two by two.

If the rain doesn't let up soon, I'm going to have to dip into my "butt-nekkid" fund. (Each dollar is redeemable for one woller.) The only sports you can enjoy on a rainy day requires your Sunday-best birthday suit.

The Eastern seaboard is under siege from a huge storm front that has caused grief over much of the U.S.

They say " April showers bring May flowers." That might be so, but at this rate the only flowers we'll see will have lily pads.

A redneck friend of mine once told me that the best time to catch fish was while it was raining.

I'm sure he's tapped into his "butt-nekkid" fund. I can picture him now out there in the pouring rain waist deep in the river trolling for suckers.

(note: No fish were harmed during the production and publication of this blog.)

He reckons that that he has enough of those "butt-nekkid" dollars to hire Dolly as a life boat. "Ain't no way," he says, "that she's apt to sink!"

(note: Boobs are neither designed nor intended to be used as life-saving devices.)

According to the local Meteorologists, the rain is supposed to continue into late Monday and early Tuesday. Because of a New Moon and astronomical high tides, we should expect flooding in low-lying areas. I have spent most of the morning today prepping our basement in the event that flooding does occur.

I pray for everyone across the country in the wake of this massive storm that you were spared damage to your properties and any harm to your loved ones.

I have decided to withdraw some more of those "butt-nekkid" bucks and put them to use. It seems there was a time out in the previous hotly contended contest.

As the "uniform du jour" is also comfortable for blogging, there was no need to encumber myself with clothing.

(note: Author not sure if the web cam was on or off, and as a result is not responsible for any emotions you might experience, i.e., horror, disgust, interest, awe, lust, etc.)



jules said...

Oh for you, Mikey, lust...all the way lust!

Soulsearcher said...

Your images are priceless,
and I'm gonna have to say "interest" ;)