Monday, April 16, 2007

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

On the 27th of this past February, I received an e-mail from a Paul Suwan. He identified himself as a staff member of NYC 24, an on-line magazine, and a production of the New Media Workshop at Columbia University Graduates School of Journalism.

He and his partner were working on a feature story about Credit Card Roulette. While gathering research on the subject, he stumbled across my October '06 post: Lushin' Roulette .

He kindly asked if he could ask me some questions about my experience on the subject. I agreed and through an exchange of a series of e-mails he "interviewed" me for their article.

In the end he told that the article would appear sometime in March in the "Risk Issue." He stated that he would provide not only quotes from me but also a link to my site as a source for the story.

In turn I promised to provide a link here on my site to his article when it was published. I somehow forgot all about it until today when I was cleaning out my e-mail inbox.

I clicked on a link he had provided, and sure enough there was the article dated 3/9/06! (The images above are the site's banner and the story's title with their by-lines.)

(If you wish to first read my post, you can click on the link above or use the one included in the article.)

As promised, here is the link to the NYC 24 article: Credit Card Roulette.

I guess it goes to show that you'll never know who, when, and from where someone might happen across your blog.

Maybe someone who read the NYC 24 article clicked on the link and visited my site. Maybe they have come back. Maybe not. Perhaps some will visit NYC 24's site by way of this post. Perhaps someone will return there. Perhaps not.

As vast as it is, the blogosphere can be a small place after all.

(Since this post is devoid of the humor you expect, I have reprinted my Bawbwa interview of Dubyew over at Verbicidal Tendencies. .)



Miss Cellania said...

That's wonderful! You are on your way to the big time! Yep, pretty soon we'll all be bragging about how we knew you when...

Miss Cellania said...

OK, now that I've read the article, I remember that post. I recall thinking how great a story it was at the time.

Scary Monster said...

Awesome idea, Mike, awesome! Sounds like STOMPING good fun.
Me will have to try it the next time me is out with me mates.
Me likes the idea of pulling out a card after every round.