Friday, July 06, 2007

Introducing ... iBlog!

So, Jobs and his Apple company think they have come up with something special, do they? At $500 to $600 a pop, I'd say it's special - to their bank accounts.

It only works with AT&T/Singular - exclusively? Psst ... Steve, old boy, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. AT&T ISN'T AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!

Okay, we know you're still mad at Billy Gates over the whole Windows and PC thing. It's water over the dam! You can't have your Apple and eat it too, you know.

...And what's with this first person hangup of yours? First there was the iMac, then the iPod, and now you come out with the iPhone?

Here at Pointmeister Enterprises Worldwide we say: "Let Microsoft and Apple beat each other to a pulp! We are tired of both of them and their product wars." While the both of them keep trying to outdo the other, we are going to unleash on an unsuspecting world, our own innovative products.

Our first product to be released soon is a product unlike any the world has seen - The iShell !

The iShell can store up to 1000 different ocean sounds! What ocean sounds would you like to hear? Perhaps you'd like to hear the calming sounds of an incoming tide. You might feel invigorated and want to hear breakers crashing upon rocks. Any ocean sound you can imagine - it's in there!

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, the iShell, like all of PEW's products, operate without the need of batteries. While your friends are recharging their batteries, you can keep on listening to the ocean.

Worried about the elements? What happens if you drop it on the beach. No worries - the iShell is impervious to water and sand damage.


How can PEW top that, you ask? Introducing the iPens !

With our state-of-the-art nano-technology we have combined the power of computer, phone, camera, PDA and a GPS system into a functional ball-point pen!

Yes, it writes also! (Pictured in brilliant blue and green. Can be customized in other colors also available.) Can your iPods, iMacs, PCs, and the new iPhone write? Of course not!


These new products will soon be available to the public. While you are awaiting their arrival, PEW is today unveiling the most innovative communications device ever conceived - and it can be yours for the unheard of price of - nothing ! That's correct! It's absolutely free!

Introducing ... iBlog ! This incredible product combines and merges with your own resources to create the ultimate in education and communications. Our motto will become a household phrase the world over:

iBlog, uRead !



Peter said...

iBlog, uRead, iHope

jules said...

I think I still own an ipen or two.

Michael said...

I have an iPen that looks just like those pens, except it has "WalMart" printed on the side, must be a cheap knock-off.

I cannot justify the amount of money those iPhones cost. especially as I am wont to drop it down the toilet probably more than once.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

iCould care less about the iPhone. But I love to read you b**g, honey.