Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Perfect! Just Perfect!

Original Perfect Post Awards -- July 2007 When one of the funniest Bloggers
on the planet selects one of my posts for the July 2007 Perfect Post Award, it occurred to me to just how George and Weezie must have felt:
Well we're movin' on up (movin' on up)
To the East Side. (Movin' on up)
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
We're movin' on up (movin' on up)
To the East Side. (movin' on up)
We finally got a piece of the pie.
Just who is he, he who is one of the funniest Bloggers on the planet? None other than Old Hoss, naturally !

To wit, the post he chose is THIS ONE , in which I parodied 30 movie titles.

Personally, I think item #6 on my 'mangled movie titles' list is the one that won Hoss over. (Then again, maybe it was #8.)

Interestingly, I was playing around with that theme again. The recent post containing parodied titles was a "tribute" to the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. You can see the seven "up-coming" titles of Harry Potter movies and TV shows at this post .

Here's a few more I hastily threw together:

1) - Schindler's Schit List - It's a little known fact that Schindler kept a another list - of those who were not going to be saved.
2) - Fileting Nemo - An alternate ending to the kid's Disney classic looks at Nemo's fate had he been caught in the net of a fishing trawler.
3) - Once Upon a Time In Mae West - A scathing tell all from the diaries of the men who knew her the best.
4) - Terror in the Isles - Another attempt by Brooke Shields to resurrect her career in another Blue Lagoon sequel.
5) - Around the World In Eighty Ways - A young boy learns about life while shipwrecked on a desert island with a French maid.



Cheri said...

Wow, the first comment!! Mike, sitting down and readng your blog with a cup of coffee...better than a romance novel!!! Thanks for the laughs

Doug Bagley said...

Now that there's funny, I don't care who you are.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

No. 5 here is classic. You the man!!

Miss Cellania said...

Excellent! I will be a-linking these. Now, how did I miss giving a perfect post out this month? I must've been wide asleep!