Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Amor A Primera Vista

Most of us have fond memories of how we met our Significant Others. Love at first sight? School sweethearts?

It's our stories. It's common to look back with fondness for most of us. On the other hand, maybe it is with anguish that some recall the fateful day.

What of those who are meeting now and in the recent past? Will they share fond memories. Will they remain together...?

Take Bubba and Agnes for instance: - They met on the set of "The Jerry Springer Show." His wife's sister's husband's 400-pound mother was sleeping with his brother's transvestite/pimp lover. He had her in a head-lock and was punching her face when it sort of ... clicked.

Jerome and Gertie - They woke up in the same Intensive Care Unit two weeks after they had crashed their cars headlong into each other while they were both yakking away on cell phones to report each other for running the same red light.

Biff and Jamal - They met on a Boy Scouts camping trip. Biff was Jamal's Troop Leader. Love struck them when they were rubbing their sticks together to make a camp fire. Said Jamal, "I just loved the way he roasted wienies."

Jennifer and Steve - Steve recalls, "She happened to be stepping out of the shower at the exact moment my computer accessed her webcam. I IMed her right away!" Jennifer giggled and added, "When he said he loved my hair and my eyes, I fell for him right then and there. I didn't even bother getting dressed - we chatted for hours."

Grace and Phillip - Grace said, "We met at the Senior Prom. He asked me to dance." Phillip smiled and added, "Yep, then I helped her and rushed to her to he hospital when her water broke."

Betsy and Mitch - " I was drunk as hell," Betsy stated, "and he offered me twenty bucks to flash my boobs for his 'Girls Gone Wild' video he was making." Phillip laughed and said, "I didn't tell her until the next morning that I didn't have a tape in my camcorder."

Jean and Gene - "We were both nerds and we met on-line in one of those singles rooms," Jean explained. "Yeah," Gene interjected, "..There was something about the way she typed 'LOL' at all my stupid jokes."

Only time will tell how long these star-crossed lovers will stay together ... or if they will remain a couple.

I doubt that many of us met 'the loves of our lives' under such romantic circumstances as the couples above, but still - we all have our own stories.



Jack K. said...

Ain't love wonderful?

giggle. snerx.

Miss Cellania said...

These folks probably have as good a chance to make it last as anyone. Its pretty much a crap shoot!