Monday, October 08, 2007

I Lost My Head !

That's probably the first thing that he's ever mumbled with which I can agree!

WTF happened to my header and sidebar?

After a frantic and long scroll down the screen - there they were! It's as if my Blog has been turned upside down! (Does that mean I now have an Australian-style Blog?)

I tried to figure out the HTML application but I couldn't figure it out. Under the "old" Blogger I could have fixed it - I think. Not so now. Everything I tried resulted in error messages.

I'll put in a call for help with the Blogger techs. If in the meantime anyone knows how to fix this or has a clue run it by me.

-Farmington, Mo. - Associated Press

What is your favorite kind of doughnut? Jelly-filled? Boston cream? Glazed? How much would you pay for one?

Just ask Scott A. Masters, 41, of Park Hills, Mo., what he will pay for a free one. He has been indicted on a felony robbery charge that could cost him 30 years in prison - for stealing a sweet roll! For want of a mere 52 cents, he could end up paying quite a price for the pastry.

Store employees in a Farmington Country Mart said he slipped the doughnut into his sweatshirt last December, then pushed away a female clerk who tried to stop him. The push is being treated as a minor assault, which transforms a misdemeanor shoplifting charge into a strong-armed robbery. Given masters' past criminal record his sentence, if convicted, could be boosted to 30 years to life.

"Strong-arm robbery? Over a doughnut? That's impossible," Masters said from jail. He admitted that he took the pastry but denied touching the female employee.

Said County Prosecutor Wendy Wexler Horn, "People are missing the point. It is not about the doughnut."

As for Masters, he didn't even get to enjoy his ill-gotten gains. He said he threw the sugary spoil away as he fled.

As I see it, he's in a "hole" lot of trouble.


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Hale McKay said...

Somehow my header became a sidebar element. How? I don't know. It was definitely something I did - but what I don't know.