Friday, November 16, 2007



Old Dubya must be feeling quite smug about now as his final term winds down. He is assured that probably no one on the Republican ticket can be better than him.

It must warm the cockles of his heart that it is guaranteed that none of the Democratic stumble-bum wannabes will make a better President either.

With family pride his chest swells knowing that none of the candidates for either party can f**k up the country any more than he and his idiot father have managed! Having said that, at least whether he and daddy were right, wrong or indifferent, they were stubborn and stuck to their convictions.

Now take that Clinton broad, for example, she's changed her mind and back-tracked so many times she don't remember which side of an issue she's on currently.

Here's a funny thing, coming from her of Whitewater fame, in a recent statement. She said Thursday night of her closet rivals, "they are slinging mud ... right out of the Republican playbook..." Odd, I always thought pigs liked to wallow in the mud!

Let's not forget that Alabama character. Oh, excuse me, Obama. What kind of friggin' name is that anyway? Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr.? He was the son of a man from Kenya. Kenya believe it? Not me. His father was more than likely a travelling Fuller Brush salesman by the name of Leroy Johnson. His momma brought him up thinking that Barrack Obama would have a better chance of being President than Tyrone Johnson.

The picture and short article to the right reveals that his momma was wrong. No matter what name he was given, this man has no right to even have a chance of being President!

What ever his name and whomever his father is - this man is not getting my vote. If he were to be elected, I can imagine his speeches sounding like this:

"It's time for a new direction in America, meaning that I have no real plan for universal health care, I'm not really clear on what to do about Iraq, I'm not opposed to a strike on Iran, I'm against gay marriage, I'm pro anything Israel wants to do... When I say "new direction" I guess what I really mean is "same direction," except I expect to bring a fresh charisma to doomsday."

The above parenthetical paragraph is a compilation of actual statements that Obama has made.

In the end, if Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama were the only choices for the Democratic Party, I figure the dame edges out the unpatriotic man.

One thing Hillary has that Obama has not - a secret weapon, namely Bubba! I'm sure that with his experience and manhood, he will come up with some clever campaign tactics to push his wife over the top.

This Blogger does not generally get into politics except when I can apply some satire to the topic. The three individuals cited above are ripe and fair game for my brand of humor.



Jack K. said...

Go gettem tiger.

Jack K. said...

You might find this explanation on of some interest.

Hale McKay said...

Jack, thanks for the Snopes link. I found the part about the American flag lapel pin particularly interesting and confounding.

He felt NOT wearing the pin after the 9/11 attack makes a statement of his patriotism. To this veteran, it doesn't make the statement a positive one. Since 1972 when I was discharged from the service, I have proudly worn U.S. flag pins either on jacket lapels or on the face of a baseball cap.

I'm sure the man probably does love our country, but it strikes me as questionably odd how he shows it.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Not knowing you to be nasty...before this.

Scary Monster said...

There be one thing that is refreshing about Senator Obama. He is truthful about his ignorance.

Last time Me were back in the states everyone be sportin a pin or bumpersticker. Ain't no big deal to talk a good talk....


Hale McKay said...

Sorry about that, Hoss. But these two individuals (Hillary and Obama) get under my skin more than any candidate I can ever remember.

That's why I try to avoid politics in this Blogs. There are people who like one or both of these individuals.

Raggedy said...

It is hard to even watch anymore.
Comedy is about the only way to deal.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one