Sunday, December 16, 2007

It Was Snow Fun At All

By 10:30 this Sunday morning I found myself in a tundra-like environment. In a 72-hour period Old Man Winter had unleashed another storm with blizzard conditions. It was a classic Nor'easter. Overnight we were hit with six inches of wind driven snow and temperatures in the low twenties. Though there was only six additional inches, the snow was blown in high dune-like drifts against the banks of the previously shoveled 12 inches which had fallen on Thursday.

Unlike the previous storm which caught most of us at work when it began, everyone was home snug in their beds when this one roared across the region. As such, my neighborhood was alive with the sounds of shovels scraping driveways and sidewalks. Louder still were the rumbling echoes of the snow blowers.

With so much activity the surrounding residents

not only labored on their own properties ...

... but also helped their neighbors:

The various snow blowers in the neighborhood

were of different makes and manufacturers.

They came in many sizes and shapes.

The following picture is one of the more

interesting snow blowers I've ever seen:

One man was certainly very creative.

He cleverly figured out a way to prevent the snow

thrown from his machine blowing back in his face:

As forecast, by 11AM the snow began changing over to sleet. By 1PM it changed over to rain. By the time, my driveway and sidewalks cleared, I was inside settling in to watch the Patriots host the Jets. The rain will be changing into a freezing rain and I understand that that the temperature will be dropping into the single digits overnight. This is expected to create a flash freeze.

Tomorrow morning with everything covered in a coat of rock-hard ice, I suspect I will again be involved in some kind of labor intensive activity to remove traces of a winter storm.

I realize Mother Nature is paying us back for last winter. For the record, we have already received more snow that we did for entire winter last year.

I tell you, it's snow fair. It's snow fun at all!



Skunkfeathers said...

Ma Nature has thus far spared us here: the mountains are being hammered (after a slow start, several locations have received up to 100 inches in the past two weeks). Our biggest dump of snow thus far has been 4". But the Icecapades on the roads continue apace ;) Daytona and Talledaga have nothing on us when it comes to multi-car wrecks...

Jack K. said...

Sorry to learn of your situation. As I have been watching the news and weather reports I have been wondering how you were doing.

I hope things begin to get better very soon.

There is no doubt you will have a white Christmas.

Superstar said...

I don't know which one I like best...The BJ or the naked dude "blowing it out his a$$"...HAHAHAHAH

THAT is funny!