Monday, December 17, 2007

Signs of Christmas

Retailers want your business. One way to lure us into their establishments is to run tempting sales. Evidence of this can be seen in circulars, advertising, and of course, signs in their windows.

Signs of Christmas Everywhere

Toy Store: "Ho, ho, ho spoken here."

Bridal boutique: "Marry Christmas."

Outside a church: "The original Christmas Club."

At a department store: "Big pre-Christmas sale. Come in and mangle with the crowd."

A Texas jewelry store: "Diamond tiaras -- $70,000. Three for $200,000. "

A reducing salon: "24 Shaping Days until Christmas."

In a stationery store: "For the man who has everything... a calendar to remind him when payments are due."

Other Signs of Christmas

Christmas Wish Lists

Home Made Ginger Bread Men

Sugar Plums

Folks Wintering in Florida


Frigid Weather



Serena Joy said...

ROTFL! I don't know where you got those cartoons, but they're hysterical.:-)

Jack K. said...


Using a chain saw???!!??