Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Incursion or Invasion?

Incursion? Invasion?

The borders are wide open. No, I'm not talking about the illegal aliens flooding past our "secure" borders!

Suddenly It Occurred To Me, this barely significant Blog, has been seeing a most significant increase in traffic. Almost all of said traffic is of the "drive-by" variety, as the number of comments have remained relatively static.

The graph at the left registers my daily hits as of 1/1/08. Yesterday there was a significant spike over the previous day: 1,969 hits vs 695 on New Year's Eve. The previous best was 430 the week of Thanksgiving.

The second graph shows the weekly hits. When this was posted, the total for the week was 3,543 with three full days remaining. Prior to this my best week registered 2,190 visitors, also the week of Thanksgiving.

On 12/16, I broke into six figures when the site meter rolled over to 100,000. Over 7,000 have been recorded since.

What does it all mean? How and why have almost 2000 visitors stumbled upon my lowly site in one 24-hour period and over 3500 so far for the week?

It must be the quality and originality of the material I post! No, I use a lot of "borrowed" material. Yet, quite a bit of the material does come spewing out of my head.

Well, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. The next time I decide to put some money down on the ponies, I will continue to get a bite to eat before I place a bet. Yep, I like to put the a la carte before the horse. In other words, I will continue to post the way I have been posting since Jan. '05.

A tip of the hat to all those who have been flocking here as of late, especially to those regulars who drop by. It would be nice to see some comments from the new readers. On the other hand, if all 1969 of those visitors left comments I wouldn't have too much time left for posting.

You don't suppose those visits are coming from the White House ... or from the CIA ... or the FBI ... or Homeland Security ... or ACLU ... or PETA ... or...?

Incursion? Invasion? I may never know.



Skunkfeathers said...

Well, this kind of "invasion" you can stand ;)

Jack K. said...

Damn it. You are too smart for your own good.

How did you guess we were on to you.

It is part of the Patriot's act to confuse and confound those who try to.....

Great post. Congratulations on the interest you have generated.

btw, do you use google analytics to keep track?

Queenie said...

Mm mm,how do you do it?
Know what I've never looked how many visitors I have (never been competitive),maybe thats a good thing!! Happy New Year my dear to you and yours.

Peter said...

Take word verification off Mike and see if you get 1900 spammers???

Serena Joy said...

Wow, you get a lot of traffic! Keep up the good work.:)