Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Headlines That Grab Ya

Tubby Teddy Skips Commencement For Sailing
It is reassuring that his brain cancer has not clouded his priorities. Because of his recent illness, "Lumpy" was unable to meet his prior commitment to speak at a graduation ceremony. Apparently being at the helm of a sailboat for four hours is less taxing than standing at a podium for 15 minutes to address the graduation class of Wesleyan University.

Obama Fills in For Ted
Fortunately there were no bitter gun-toting hicks in the graduating class. While many of the graduates were impressed with his oratory skills, they were disappointed that many of his sentences began with the phrase, "As President I will..." They were not pleased that his commencement address turned into political stumping.

Foreign Policy

Much has been said about Barack Obama's lack of experience in dealing with foreign policy. It is indeed something a President needs to have. He should be studying up on the subject. Some Americans are more concerned about his lack of knowledge on domestic policy. (Then again, the lame duck Bush fails to impress in this area.)

Hot Political Badge

Introducing the hottest must-have political badge for 2008.

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American Idle

If the candidates were contestants on a game show, such as "American Idol," the viewers would have already voted them off.

Alas, the Presidential race is not a talent contest. Is it then a matter of popularity? No, nobody really likes any of them. I guess that makes the up-coming election a multiple choice exam. Some will use the "eeny-miney-moe" method. Some will flip a coin. Some of us will wear our badges and check off (D) - None of the above.

Phoenix: the Mars Lander

She Doesn't Know When to Quit

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Skunkfeathers said...

"headlines that grab ya"...tells me someone isn't scrubbing their toilet often enough, and it's attacking... *ducking boos and throwd items*

Fred said...

I don't know where you get your graphics and photos...they really are great and fit your posts perfectly.

Hale McKay said...

Succinctly put, Skunk.

Hale McKay said...


Sometimes I start out with the pics and graphics and then compose the post. Such was the case with this post.